Keys to Easy Digestion- Proper Cooking and Taste

Digestion is described as the process through which the food coming from the external environment is broken with the intention of integrating it with the inner environment. The process by which the digested elements get integrated with the cells is referred to as absorption. The process through which the unneeded elements are removed is termed as the process of elimination. The level of wellness and nourishment felt by an individual significantly, depends upon the balance struck between the three processes. Read through this article and get acquainted with a number of yet unexplored facts about digestion.

The heavy foods must be taken in smaller quantities; whereas the light foods must be taken in great quantity. Image courtesy Flickr
The heavy foods must be taken in smaller quantities; whereas the light foods must be taken in great quantity. Image courtesy Flickr

What are the keys to fine digestion?

  • Good health

When one flaunts a good level of health, the digestion ought to be on the road of fineness.

  • Agni or digestive fire

Agni stands for the ability of the digestive organs present inside the body to be effective, coordinated and lively, when there is the presence of a food item. Too much of the food can lead to the dousing of Agni, whereas too little of the food can lead to starving of Agni.

  • Strength

The strength of the body determines the digestive power, and also the maintenance of this strength depends upon the level of good digestion.

How can one work with the various aspects of digestion?

If one desires of working with the digestion, one has to glance at the inner as well as the outer circumstances. The inner circumstances comprise the state of the organs, whereas the outer circumstance tabs on the food items one is taking in.

* Outer circumstances

  • Light and heavy food

Here the food item as well as its method of preparation is taken into consideration. The light foods such as ghee, basmati rice, egg white and lettuce are lucid in terms of digestion whereas the heavier foods such as banana, cheese and avocado are immensely difficult for digestion. The heavy foods must be taken in smaller quantities; whereas the light foods must be taken in great quantity.

  • Contamination in food

With the usage of chemicals and pesticides, there is a greater probability that the food contains a high level of contamination, which can adversely affect the human health. Diarrhea, burning sensations and fever are some of the effects of the contamination.

  • Oiliness in food

The moistness as well as the oiliness of the food items also affects the process of digestion. Oily foods when used in moderation can lubricate the digestive tract and also aids in the secretion of the digestive elements. Excess of oil can damage the gallbladder and liver.  The examples of the oily food are vegetable oil, ghee etc.

  • ┬áSlimy/soft/rough foods

Slimy foods such as okra support lubrication and thus, digestion. Soft foods such as tapioca soothe digestion. Rough foods such as wheat bran and oat move the process of digestion and elimination on the same continuum. Rough foods are way too harsh for Vata people. Sharp food namely, chilies aids in stimulating digestion.

* Inner circumstances

The digestive system enacts distinct functions right from the mouth. The enzymes present in the saliva breaks the food into the simplest and easy to digest form. The proper working of each of the elements of the digestive system is of great significance.

Digestion process can be made lucid when one strikes a balance between the tastes and attributes. An appropriate combination of food items can aid in decreasing the ama and boosting absorption. The heavy meals, such as oatmeal should be lightened with a pinch of sugar and thus, aid in the three vital processes of well being. For instance, vegetables are light and thus, can be easily combined with other food items.

Author: Preeti

A homemaker turned beauty consultant since 6 years. I am affiliated to an MNC and I recruit individuals only on the power of my speech. This made me go in for writing strong, impact-full content and convey to the mass. I am currently working in the fields of Ayurveda, Beauty, Technology and also Travel. Though beauty is the niche from where my journey begun!! You can look upon me if you wish to take tips and training for the best looking skin for yourself and you can also learn a bit about the role of Ayurveda in looking good.


  1. Nice article on digestion in Ayurveda, I always find it difficult in digestion food during winter time. Even if eat lighter food often time I’ll have difficulty in digesting the food. I’ve try changing my food habits as per my dosha during winter time.

    • You could incorporate some of the essential spices into your foods as per your dosha and you can definitely see a remarkable change in your digestion process.
      It works wonders!
      And obviously have plenty of water, as people tend to drink very little water during winter months…

  2. It is good to know how by some combinations heavy foods can be made more digestive. I find most of the people drinking lemon water after a heavy meal which helps a lot in digestion of food but I am not sure if it is right for people of all prakurtis or not.

    • Lemon juice is particularly good for calming the Vata and Pitta, but for the people belonging to the Kapha constitution it does no harm when taken in moderation.

      • does it have same effect if taken with hot water, normal water or chilled water or chilled water can prove harmful for kapha?

        • Also I would like to know that lemon with soda drink preserves the quality of lemon or not? Because this drink is very popular as a drink that aids in digestion.

          • Lemon with carbonated water is good to some extent, especially for people who are not high blood pressure patients. It helps to maintain alkalinity of your body and neutralizes the HCl produced in your stomach. It improves your digestive system and helps you get free from stomach disorders.
            But, on the other hand, some people do face problem of bloating and week bones with Lemon and Soda combination. So it truly lies on your body and its metabolism, which will decide if you can take the combination of lemon and soda.


        • Chilled water is simply a no for people belonging to Kapha constitution. Warm water to some extent can help calm your Kapha.

  3. Agree on those Slimy food ( like okra ) which is good for digestion. Moreover Okra can be a good side dish if prepared properly.

  4. Shrishti says:

    It is interesting to know how digestion is defined in Ayurveda.

  5. Shrishti says:

    I love to eat light food which is easy to digest.

  6. Proper digestion is the key to good health . Very nice description.

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