Influence of Ayurvedic Doshas and Agnis

Human body is composed of complex systems which may be classified as nervous system, digestion system, breathing system and others. As science has become advanced in this era, homeopathic or quack’s treatment is not preferred. If you feel any problem in any of your system, you contact your primary doctor and try to get rid of this situation as early as possible.

According to your apparent physical health, your doctor suggests you prescription and there occur chances of curing your disease. But Ayurveda is also used for the treatment of patients; this treatment not only removes effect but also the root cause of your disease. It is the Indian treatment which is 5,000 years old and this word means knowledge of life. Due to radical achievements in medical sciences, Ayurvedic treatment has been ignored for many hundred years, which slowed down the progress of this treatment. Ayurveda is the only treatment which focuses on getting physical and internal balance of your body. In this cure:

  1. You are referred to different exercises like yoga.
  2. Herbs are also used for your disease.
  3. Proper nutrition is required for this treatment.

You often hear the word of five senses. These five senses are present in every human which are: to hear the voices like songs, to watch something like a horrible movie, to smell a particular mass, to touch anything you want and to taste the required product. The entire five senses play a vital role in balancing your body.

Ayurveda treatment

  1. treats the individuals and not their diseases
  2. doesn’t prefer quick fix idea
  3. shows the basic cause of your disease

In Ayurvedic treatment, all the internal and external aspects are examined. Internal aspects include your thinking, emotional behavior and spiritual ideas whereas external aspects consist of your physical health and social environment.

There are three doshas which are defined in Ayurvedic; these three doshas are also called as governing energies of your body. The classification of doshas is given:

In Vata, there are elements of ether and air. ‘Energy of movement’ is the second name of Vata. The main location of Vata is colon. Vata causes blinking of your eyes, circulation of your blood and also beating of your heart. If you are a Vata person and using salads in much quantity in winter, the dry characteristics of this salad increase the Vata dosha which brings the problems in your life like dry skin and anxiety.

Pitta is the second type of dosha which has meaning of ‘energy of transformation’. Fire and water are the elements present in this category. The discovered location of Pitta is small intestines. As persons suffering from Pitta have naturally more heat so if you are this type of person, you should prevent yourself from taking spicy and hot foods in summer days. Otherwise, the Pitta dosha in your body will rapidly increase and you may feel heartburn. Digestion of your food is the responsibility of Pitta. It is some type of heat which has the ability of transforming food into energy.

Kapha is another kind of dosha which is often regarded as ‘energy of construction’. The elements of Kapha are water and earth. Moon is the nature of Kapha. The basic qualities of Kapha dosha are classified as cold, oily and wet. It is located in stomach and chest. In spring, if you have been eating yogurt for long time, you will be suffered with excess of Kapha. This excess of Kapha will lead you to the increment of Kapha dosha and you will have to go through the skin allergies and mucus.

In case of any imbalance in your body, you should go through different tests of Kapha for knowing your present situation. After passing from this test, you may cure your disease and balance your health.

In Ayurveda, Agni is the term which may also be called as digestive fire in human body. This Agni has the mechanism for digesting and absorbing the entire food and water which has been eaten or drunk. Every person has unique Agni which has the ability of digesting certain foods. In Ayurveda, physician will surely suggest you to eat those foods which would be easily digested by you.

If you don’t digest the food you eat, you will be involved in some diseases. Improper functions of Agni in our digestive system create ama. Ama is caused due to improper digestion of food. This ama causes 90% of diseases in your body.

Healthy Agni should have the following signs

  1. The color of your tongue is pink.
  2. You have the charming skin.
  3. You feel hunger for the following meal.
  4. You have proper balance in your life.
  5. Your mind is clear.

Malfunctioning Agni should have the following signs:

  1. You feel lethargy in your body.
  2. You don’t feel hunger at proper time.
  3. You complain for constipation and gas problems.
  4. The color of your tongue becomes white.

The people with Vata feel the variation in their Agni.

The people suffering from Pitta feel the strong and heavy Agni in their digestive system. Agni may also damage the tissues.

Kapha people have the problems like heaviness and lethargy of your body.

To make Agni stronger:

  1. You need to take simple breakfast in small amount to make your Agni power stronger.
  2. At noon, you should take heavy lunch because Agni is considered to be strong at this time.
  3. Before you go to bed, you should prefer small dinner to strengthen your Agni.
  4. When you are taking any meal, you should not drink excess of water. You may drink water with the break of half hour.
  5. Don’t go to take meal till you feel enough hunger. This will also make your Agni stronger.
  6. You may also use different types of spices in your foods according to your health and digestive system.
  7. While taking your meal, you should focus your mind on the work you are doing, it makes your digestive system better.


Author: Dr Maulik Vyas

I am a holistic Doctor with 10 yr of experience in medical/health and wellness industry. Also, I am a professional content writer with 1000s of articles published across the web. I'm available for content writing, natural treatment consultancy, business ideas about healthcare/wellness industry. I am the proprietor of company named Mouls Incorporation.


  1. Doshas are integral part of Ayurvada medicine and healing, first you need to know your body type and change your food habits and diet to gain the benefits of Ayurvada.

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