Indian Sweets – Assortment of shapes, colours, and textures

India is the home of many different types of sweets, each region has its own style, shape, color, and taste. Generally Indian sweets are made with sugar, milk, and cream. Each region of India has its own way to sweet preparation that is vastly different from each other.


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  2. dr arvind jain says:

    it is very true that all sweets are prepared by vegetables not non veges.second the preparations, tastes and varieties varies place to place and in even , in big city, area wise area differs. it is due to nature of water, weather, climates, traditions and even the nature of makers. for example in our state LIKE M P . you get the namkeens in various tastes, in various areas. like GWALIOR, RATLAM, INDORI etc. like wise gujrati, rajsthani also.
    it is the beauty of our nation that by GRAM PULSE OR BESAN YOU can prepare , thousands of preparations. in south idli dosa sambhar are in general it is truly mentioned in Ayurveda that the locality of the available of products are most useful for that locality.
    thank you for providing good information,

  3. And the shapes that they come up with now a days. . . . . . its very hard to say if it is a fruit or a sweet.
    Some of the sweet meat shops become famous due to the good quality of the sweets that they dish out.

  4. Indeed, it is difficult to say if a sweet is a sweet or fruit. Also, sometimes a sweet comes in a chocolate mixed flavour and looks like half chocolate and half sweet.

  5. Shrishti says:

    We can say the sweets are now hybrid sweets.

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