Indian Dhyana in Treating Modern Lifestyle Stress and Depression

Meditation in India is an old-aged tradition that has come a long way with philosophies and practices developed by sages, monks, saints and other commoners over the years—even centuries. It has derived its name from the term dhyan which also means contemplation. What does this mean in simple words? Simply, it’s the reflection of a human’s own inner soul.

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Meditation is a very dominant weapon through which positive ideas, thoughts and energies are being channeled not only in the mind but also in the body and soul. Many have proven the effectiveness of regularly practicing certain techniques in Indian meditation. There is no denying that positive effects are to be expected just as long as the practice is done in the right manner. Do you wish to build a new life through this practice? Don’t be surprised to get a big YES, there is a huge possibility for that to happen.

For those who are suffering from too much stress or depression, Indian meditation can be the best solution to the problem. Before we go ahead and talk more about stress and depression being treated by meditation, it’s important to take note that this practice helps make a human being’s mind more composed and calm. Good techniques make it easy to promote harmony in a human’s mind thereby getting rid of negative emotions and make the person look at life in a more positive way.

Meditation on Stress and Depression
Stress and depression are some of  the major reasons why people consider meditation. Of course, these emotions are very difficult to avoid as life can never be without challenges and problems—they are part of everyone’s life and if you would imagine life without any turmoil, you’ll agree that it’s making everyday living undesirable and quite impossible as well. Today, more and more therapists are starting to recognize that meditation can be of great help in reducing stress and depression if not totally eliminate them from our lives.

The Benefits of Meditation for Stress and Depression Reduction
Why do more and more people prefer this method of depression and stress reduction among the many options available? Let’s cite some of the most known benefits that this method offers. They are the following:

  • Compared to other methods available today when it comes to stress reduction such as undergoing herbal therapies and taking prescription drugs, meditation has no known side effects.
  • Those people who have existing medical conditions need not worry about not being able to practice Indian meditation as it is very easy to do. There’s no need to perform strenuous physical exercises nor does it require the use of special equipments to execute.
  • Should you wish practice meditation, you may do so on your own as a professional’s help is not required.
  • Results are realized after just one session with the promise of long-term health.
  • It’s always available.
  • It’s free.

With all the good things that are expressed above, there are still those people who find it difficult to maintain Indian meditation as a habit as not everyone are able to set their minds free from worries that is why focus is highly recommended. It’s difficult to start with but once you’re used to it, the maintenance part should be very easy by then. For those who don’t have much time to spare for this practice such as those men and women on the go and stay at home mothers who don’t get to enjoy private time from little children, Indian meditation can be quite difficult. It’s important to take some time to practice and learn all the techniques so that benefits can be enjoyed to the fullest. The sacrifice is all worth it though once you start to reap all the benefits it can bring into your mind, body and soul.

Getting Started
In order to enjoy the benefits of meditation, certain techniques must be noted too. Below are some useful tips in getting started with meditation:

  • Quite mind. Meditation is the time to put your thinking mind into a complete silence. Stop thinking about what’s going on around you or those worries that have not been letting you sleep in the past days. Don’t think about how you can solve those challenges you are going through but think about nothing just for this point in time. This might not come easy the first time but you’ll make it soon.
  • Think about Now. Instead of recalling the past or planning for the future, think about what’s going on with your life currently. One of the causes of too much stress and depression is being so into the future or dwelling in the past. Live for today and let go of that experience. Always move on. Let go of the past.

India is all the time being a charming state for its mystic yoga and meditation practice. There are actually lots of centers that are there to teach best practices in meditation. Meditation techniques too are many to mention and some of them are Zen-Based, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Mindfulness and Vipassana Meditation.

  • Zen-Based. This is also known to others as zazen which puts more emphasis on the practice and existence wisdom.
  • Yoga Nidra. Known as one of the best forms of meditation, this is the state in which the body is in between half-awake and half-asleep which helps the body relax to the fullest. On the other hand, Yoga Nidra is also one of the most difficult techniques to perfect.
  • Mindfulness. This gives person awareness about other actions and thoughts intentionally.
  • One Minute. Simply, close your eyes, forget about everything around you, take deep breathes for a minute and relax your body while exhaling. This might be very short but this actually rejuvenates the body right away.
  • Vipassana. Discovered by Buddha, this is the oldest meditation technique so far.

Now that you’ve learned more about meditation in reducing or treating stress and depression, know that Indian meditation is more and more getting the attention of Western researches as well as therapists all over the world. If you feel like you need to work on getting of your stress or depression that you’re going through right now, Indian meditation may be a good idea.

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