Indian Classical Ragas to Cure Diseases

Music therapy carries a great weightage in the ancient holistic medical science of India. The whole subject of music medical therapy is now getting attention from all across the world. It won’t be exaggerated to say that Indian classical ragas to cure diseases and health ailments is now getting recognized by health experts as more and more researches, clinical trials have been conducted.

Indian classical music have been acclaimed to have calming effects on the human body, mind and soul for a good reason. Proper ragas of Indian classical music are found to positively stimulate the brain, relieve the tension and alleviate the fatigue when listened regularly. The effects of Indian classical ragas might not be instant and take time but then they carry no side effects. The reason for this slow healing, according to holistic healers, is music therapy does not actually treat the signs and symptoms but it makes the brain stronger and capable enough to battle the diseases. Ancient science like Ayurveda believes that most of the health problems occur due to weak mind and willpower.

The music therapy mainly depends upon an individual need and type of health problem. Many music healers call this as the study of individual that is sensory system. Before prescribing the music therapy, it is important for the healer to study the health problem and know the nature of the sufferer. Based on all this, the type of music is decided because the concept of Indian classical raga healing requires optimum intonation and proper use of basic music elements.

Indian classical raga healing consists of divine notes (swaras), biorhythmic sound, volume, beats and pace of melody. There are plenty of Indian classical ragas that all carry different properties and features to affect the human body or even the nature. In certain special cases, combination of classical ragas can be used where the problem is not expected to get solved with solo raga.

In ancient scriptures and story tales, the classical ragas of India have been effectively used to help the humankind. It’s well known among Indians that raga called Malhar can bring rain irrespective of any season. Similarly, the raga named Deepak can light the candles when needed. As found on Wikipedia, “According to a legend, once the Mughal emperor Akbar asked his court musician Tansen to sing Raga Deepak, the raga of fire. The effect was such that all the lamps in the courtyard lit up themselves, and Tansen’s body became so hot that he had to sit in the nearby river to cool himself. However, the river began to boil, and it became apparent that Tansen would soon boil to death. He set out on a search to find someone who could sing Raga Malhar to cure him. In due course he reached Vadnagar, in Gujarat, where he found two sisters, Tana and Riri, whom he asked for help. They agreed to sing Raga Malhar to cure him. When they sang the Raga, rains came down in torrents, which cooled Tansen’s body immediately.” Nevertheless, to perform these ragas require mastery on the subject that does not come with an ease.

Author: Dr Maulik Vyas

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