India Story Proposal

Let’s begin with the kind of story we don’t want. We don’t want write-ups that only give out plain information like Wikipedia. You can write a narrative that describes your personal experience of a place, a cuisine, a temple, pilgrimage, and so on.

If you have a knack of painting pictures with words, you can weave a story around a simple topics such as Punjabi wedding, Kashmiri wedding, Tamilian wedding and so on. Make it interesting by including anecdotes, your observations and a conclusion.

Write about street food of various cities and talk about 10 places to get them of seven items that should not be missed. Share your experience of taking a dip in Ganges, riding a bike in Ladakh, conversation with monks and sadhus.

Make a list of top 10 classic books on India, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

Inform outsider on ‘everything an outsider need to know about visiting an Indian home’; ‘10 customs an outsider should remember before visiting India’; or inform visitors on ‘How not to get sick when travelling in India’.

These are just few ideas. Come up with an interesting one, surprise us and get us interested.

Steps to upload the proposal
Say, you visit Goa. You love the place and want to write on it.

Step 1
Do Not: Uplaod proposals that say:

– May I write on Goa

– Best hotels to stay in

– 10 tourist attractions

– Places to visit when you are in Goa

Do: Think of an idea that can interest readers about Goa.

– A account of visit to the village that has the most fenny making distilleries

– An interesting account of festivals such as ‘Feast of three kings’ or ‘Feast of Saint John the Baptist’

– Meeting with a susegad – lazy men of Goa

– Account of a beach in Goa that can be accessed only by water

– Five things that you must take back while you leaving Goa

– 10 ways to deal with the touts and begging children

– All you wanted to know about going skinny dipping on Goa beaches

– Arambol – the new hippie town

– Going down Goa’s hippie trail of the 70’s

– Street food of Goa and its uniqueness compared to other cities

– An account of Goa’s rain forest

– 5 lesser visited beach and why should you go there

Step II
Once you have the idea in mind, uplaod first two paragraphs. Give us a skeleton of the write-up that will follow. Uplaod the pictures you have clicked that will look good with the story idea.

Step III
Sit back for few hours and wait for our email to hit your inbox. We will tell you the required changes we would feel.

Your story can have 500-1000 words, so plan on writing accordingly.