Importance of Natural Milk -Ayurvedic Prospective

Milk is something that has great relationship with human health for centuries together. It has been associated with us from times immemorial and will remain with us for ever. It is a product that is actually a by-product of the birth of a baby. It must be natural but the milk that we get today is obtained from dairy farms where it is taken from cows where the latter are treated in the most inhumane manner.

Milk is produced from the diet the cow eats and this diet consists of cotton seed, soy meal, bakery waste, citrus cake and so on. The feed given to cows is without vitamin A and D and which are added later on into the milk. Soy meal has the quality of forcing the cow’s internal mechanism to produce more milk but at the same time causing it to get a premature death. Actually food for cows is grass, hay, silage and vegetable roots. If this is the fodder, the cow is supposed to provide us with best milk. Her milk has miraculous traits when she is treated in a humane manner.

In Mahabharta, a verse has the meaning:
Cows have made easier for all the creatures to stay in this world; they are sacred and we should not even think of harming them...”

Dr. J R Crewe (Mayo Foundation) treated several patients, in 1929, with fresh raw milk taken from cows that were fed and bred on the yogic pattern or Ayurveda. He wrote an article “Milk Cure.” Patients were given 5-10 quarts of milk and no other food. Results of betterment were seen among the patients of heart, blood pressure, kidneys and edema. Ancient Ayurveda related text says that milk is anupasana, that is, a transporter of herbs. Dr. Lad has also given various kinds of milk for doshic turmoil. A warm milk glass with cinnamon and ginger is recommended in Ayurveda. A glass of milk provides nutrients to body instantly after a sexual activity while it takes 35 days for other foods to get the same results.

Milk is nutrient rich diet, has kapha nature and should not be taken with meal. Ayurvedic texts never recommend our drinking milk with breakfast or lunch. It may be taken before going to bed or as a breakfast in the morning. It is available in the form of other products like butter, lassi, yogurt, ghee, etc.

This is the era of handiness and everything is available to us in plenty and without any difficulty. Fruits of other seasons are easily available; we can eat any thing that may grow even at the alien lands. Milk is available to us in cartons at which we see the picture of a cow grazing in some Pasteur and various authentic stamps have been printed at it so that to show that everything will get normalized without much difficulty if we drank milk. But actually this is not the reality. Our cow is suffering from the pangs of over-work and deprivation; she is constantly fearful of her death. What will she give us for this cruelty? If we have even a little commonsense, we would come to know that a cow can never give us that Ayurvedic and yogic milk in artificial environment through the use of artificial modes of inseminating them and by providing them with food that is prepared in factories.

We have waged a war against our old friends, cows and have made them slaves and we think that we shall win it. But is it possible to wage a war against a friend. And even if we win, shall we really be called winners. Cows have acted as our mothers in providing us with milk and still we have been going against them, feeding them with chemicals, milking them inhumanely, depriving them of their calves and killing them for none of their fault.

When a cow eats grass, it is actually eating the essence of earth and digests this hard food due to 4 stomachs that she has. we should treat it in a humane manner and as a mother. But if we refuse to give it a status of a living being, and provide it with foods that are against its natural growth and body requirements, she will suffer, get sick and die. She won’t be able to give milk that is healthful or panacea; she will either give us milk that is just like a medicine or multivitamin food supplement prepared in laboratories.

In this era of Kaliyuga, the celestial cow Surabhi, is standing on one leg and every thing around is in chaotic form. We are facing the global warming up and many other problems due to large scale industrialization and due to our distancing ourselves from nature. We are maltreating a mother who gives us milk and this has made her to give us poison in the form of milk and the Ayurvedic and natural milk has been snatched from us. A mother never wants its children to drink poison but we have forced her to do so. We should respect nature as this is the only way to get a favorable response form her.

Milk is something that has been used by yogis and has proved its benefits from the time immemorial. We are living in this age of industrialization and height of knowledge. We should make use of this knowledge to tell ourselves that we have to respect the ways of nature and treat all living g things in a humane manner. We should decide, once for all, that our first preference would be to drink milk of those cows only that graze in the pastures. We should drink warm milk of cows and this wholesome milk will provide us with health that is unknown to us in this age of science. Our body will get strength and vitality and we will get immunity.

Thus, milk from cows has to be taken in a natural way and from the ones that are fed in natural environment on natural fodder. Milk attained from them in this way will prove to be an elixir and a magic food to cure myriads of diseases.

Author: Dr Maulik Vyas

I am a holistic Doctor with 10 yr of experience in medical/health and wellness industry. Also, I am a professional content writer with 1000s of articles published across the web. I'm available for content writing, natural treatment consultancy, business ideas about healthcare/wellness industry. I am the proprietor of company named Mouls Incorporation.


  1. It is a good concept to take the milk from cows naturally, this trend is slowly catching up in western world.

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