How You Neutralize Toxins in Ayurveda?

The ancient Indian word Ayurveda means ‘knowledge of life’, this word has the history of 5000 years. In those days physicians used to treat people with this knowledge. This knowledge basically cures man’s root cause and not just their diseases.

For example, if you feel any type of headache, you simply take Ibuprofen. This Ibuprofen just cures your headache but the main cause of headache cannot be cured by this Ibuprofen. In Ayurveda, the basic cause of your headache is treated.

Ayurveda includes the individual’s lifestyle, regular diet, yoga, treatment from herbals and also several therapies that promote Ayurvedic programs.

First, we need to define the word doshas. This word has three types or energies which are Pitta, Vata and Kapha.

Pitta: It transforms the foods into required energy.

Vata: It creates movements in your body.

Kapha: It has the responsibility of lubrication and basic structure of your body.

Ayurveda is defined as the proper health of any individual. It states the situation when all the functions and systems are working properly and create no imbalance in your body. The fire or Agni in your digestive system is also in the balanced manner. The doshas are also in equilibrium state with respect to your designed systems. The waste products in your body are properly producing and eliminating. All the senses and your mind are working together. If there is disturbance in these defined systems, your body will feel the danger of disease.

Generally, creation of any disturbance in these doshas badly affects Agni. When food is not properly absorbed by digestion system, it causes ama. There are also some other factors which produce ama or toxins. These are:

  1. Existence of pollution in environment
  2. Poor digestive system
  3. Poor diet
  4. Less drinking water
  5. Presence of bacteria in foods
  6. The feeling of emotional stress

These toxic materials are spread throughout your body and move into tissues or organs which are deeper in your body and may cause some type of disease.

Panchakarma is the unique and stable program of Ayurvedic Science. In Panchakarma, the meaning of word Panch is ‘five’ where ‘action’ is the meaning of Karma. Generally, Panchakarma has five therapeutic treatments which are effective and safe and can be used for the removal of your ama or toxic materials from your body.

The unique point of Panchakarma program is that it fulfills each individual’s requirements. The therapies in Panchakarma programs try to remove toxic materials from deep organs of your body and don’t weaken your body.

Before starting the Panchakarma program, the clinician should know the patient’s weaknesses and constitution. With these steps, he would be able to design the Panchakarma program for the specific patient.

Panchakarma are classified into three types

  1. Purvakarma or preliminary therapies.
  2. Five therapies which are nasya, basti, virechan, vamana and raktamokshana.
  3. Paschatkarma or post-treatment processes.

Ama as well as toxic materials can be removed from your body by Purvakarma therapies.

Oleation or snehana is the first step in Purvakarma. In this step, the entire body is saturated with medicated oils or herbals.

There are two types of oleations

  1. Internal oleation with oil or ghee, transfers ama from the deeper organs or tissues into your GI tract. In this tract, the main therapies have the ability to remove ama. Internal oleation can also be called as Abyantar snehana.
  2. External oleation comprises of tough massage over your body with the medicated oils. External oleation is also referred as Abhyanga snehana.

After completing the massage process, there is swedana therapy. This therapy is generally used to dilate channels. The most common treatments for swedana are:

Nadi swedana: This treatment normally pays attention to the particular regions of your body like muscles or sore joints. It may reduce your pain.

Bashpa swedana: In this treatment, steam is applied to the entire body except your head. Presence of toxic materials in your body may be reduced with it.

Shirodhara is another therapy of Purvakarma. If you are in deep relaxation mode, it gives you an environment in which you may cure your imbalances. You may also restore your functional integrity.

In Shirodhara therapy, warm oil is poured slowly on your forehead. This process nourishes and cools down your nervous system and provides relaxation to your mind.

The following example may help you in understanding the general idea of Purvakarma therapies. Let you have the bowl with oil in it. Now, you pour honey in this bowl. Due to presence of slippery oil, honey will not stick to your bowl. Similarly, when your body is completely oiled, ama easily moves from your body because it is same as honey.

Panchakarma Therapies
Nausea has no link with the Vamana therapy; herbs are used in this therapy. This therapy is painless and has smooth procedure which may restore your balance and Kapha conditions like diabetes and lung problems may be cured.

Nasya therapy is the second type of Panchakarma. It eliminates toxic materials or ama from your ears and nasal passages. This therapy also improves the oxygenation of your brain.

Vierchan is the natural therapy which usually cleanses your small intestines and organs like liver. It can also be used to reduce ama from your body.

Toxic materials or ama can also be removed from blood by using Raktamokshana therapy.

Basti is considered to be the most powerful therapy in Panchakarma therapies. The main objective of Basti is to purify colon, because this colon is associated with all the organs of body. This colon is also known as the basic organ for digestion of nutrients.

The diet which is suggested also plays the vital role. Clinicians prohibit heavy foods and suggest kitchari.

Ayurveda and its related things have been under use of the people in India and in some other pats of the world for the previous 5000 years. Now the world is coming to terms with this treatment and they understand as what are the real benefits of these treatments.  The cure of diseases by this kind of Ayurveda is a natural process and it increases body’s natural immunity against the diseases.

Author: Dr Maulik Vyas

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