How to relate the chakras with dietary changes?

The chakras have been celebrated as the energy centers for centuries. This article will provide the readers with the transformational oriented approach of the chakras. Each and every individual is equipped with the seven chakras, also called the seven non-physical centers of energy which are placed within the auric field. These energies are well expressed through the behavior, actions, words and thoughts of an individual.

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Each and every individual is equipped with the seven chakras, also called the seven non-physical centers of energy which are placed within the auric field. Photo from Flickr.

The endocrine glands of the body are known as the physical counterparts in the context of the chakras. Through a close look on the chakras and its realm, one can get a fair idea about how and why one nourishes oneself and the points where one is starving oneself, either consciously or unconsciously. Read through the post and get acquainted with the various chakras in the form of energy centers:

  • First chakra

The energy of the first chakra is in full swing during the period of pregnancy, when one is shouldering the responsibility of creating as well as maintaining the life of two, at one time. In connection to this focus, a considerable change is witnessed in the eating habits.

  • Second chakra

The second chakra energy has an underlying motive of learning at length about the world, by making use of the elements such as experience as well as sensation. Toddlers make an excess use of their second chakra in their desire of exploring the world, by crawling around and taking everything in the mouth. For the adults, the most common medium to express the energy is through food. Food will be the apt satisfier for the scenario, when one is hungry, but cannot provide the requisite satisfaction, if the need is for physical intimacy and the individual is trying to justify the satisfaction by popping in the food.

  • Third chakra

The third level is associated with the issues in connection with relationships, nurturing, belongingness and power. The choices of food are greatly influenced by the habits of the friends and family. To embrace the power of the energies of the third chakras it becomes of utmost importance to find the set of family and friends who are ready to accept an individual, irrespective of the eating and lifestyle habits. The energies of the third chakras can enter one’s life if one is ready to accept his own authority and power in terms of food habits. If one denies this power, or give the decision making authority to another person, this area will go mundane. The healing process can take place only when one starts believing in one’s own authority and power.

  • Fourth chakra

Learning about the various paradoxes, marks the beginning of the fourth chakra. The balancing of the opposites such as warm and cold, male and female and dark and night is the underlying theme of this energy center. Here, the individual learns about co-existing with one’s yearning and also providing a healthy space for expression. The joy of sharing one’s food, gifts and life acts as the striking point here.

  • Fifth chakra

This chakra is closely connected with the second chakra and is based on the ways of expressing the truth of one’s experience. The individuals, who are working with the bulimia, are often seen striking a balance between the second and the fifth chakra. They are slightly more interested in the symbolic messages of food, instead of its nourishment level.

  • Sixth chakra

The sixth chakra is embraced with the transformation issue. The power of intuition is at its best here, which is used in making the choices about nourishment which can contribute to the transformation of oneself and others. The intuition can be manifested in dreams in the form of flashes or insights or simply acquiring a deep knowledge. There holds a strong correspondence between the third and sixth chakra.

  • Seventh chakra

The seventh chakra revolves around the acknowledgement, acceptance and acts based on the purpose of life, which has a deep impact on the nourishment. The guidance of the life purpose can act as a strong motivator in getting closer to the highest goal of one’s life.

The dietary changes can only be implemented when one has a fair idea about the region of the diet which requires changes.

Author: Preeti

A homemaker turned beauty consultant since 6 years. I am affiliated to an MNC and I recruit individuals only on the power of my speech. This made me go in for writing strong, impact-full content and convey to the mass. I am currently working in the fields of Ayurveda, Beauty, Technology and also Travel. Though beauty is the niche from where my journey begun!! You can look upon me if you wish to take tips and training for the best looking skin for yourself and you can also learn a bit about the role of Ayurveda in looking good.


  1. Resham Virk says:

    I have even read somewhere that one needs to cleanse the chakras to stay in good health and this can be obtained by doing Yoga. What are your inputs on this Preeti? Also a commendable writing, I must say.

  2. the seven chakras are probably the ones I have heard as kundalini chakras in spiritual talks and it is said that during yoga and meditation awakening of these chakras are possible crossing from muladhar chakra to the top crown chakra and it the process yogi experiences mystical sounds and visions.

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