How are Marma Points Related to Your Health?

Marma points refer to pressure points in the body where nerves establish interconnections with veins, joints, bones, ligaments and muscles. These points, which are situated close to the surface, are the body’s vital points. They are valued as something beyond mere connection of tissues and organs. It is believed that life energy is situated in these points.

Life energy is situated in Marma Points Life energy is situated in Marma Points

The human body contains 108 Marma points. The primary points correspond to the body’s seven energy centers or chakras, while the minor points are situated along the limbs and the chest area. The arms contain 22 points and so are the lower extremities. The back has 14 points, the chest and stomach area contains 12, and the head and neck area possesses 37 points. The last point refers to the mind. These points were originally used as important targets for quickly damaging people. Piercing or hitting them may cause immense pain or even instant death. However, the knowledge about the points was later applied for curative reasons.

Marma points exist in variable sizes ranging from one to six inches in diameter. These vital points are slightly larger and more conveniently identified than the main points in acupuncture and other similar treatments. It is claimed by several history experts that the knowledge involving the crucial points gave rise to several popular point therapies like reflexology and acupuncture. The very important points contain the energetic information between the body’s tissues and the mind to connect the individual’s energetic and physical components.

Knowledge on the proper handling of the very important points can be used to remedy and alleviate mental and physical ailments. Treatments under the widely known and widely applied Ayurvedic medicine focus on these points to uplift the welfare of the body by aligning the healing energies of the body.

The Ayurvedic medicine considers the crucial points to be the structures where doshas or the three life pillars are situated. These doshas comprise of an individual’s constitution. Everyone originally possesses a healthy balance of these pillars. However, the individual experiences several negative factors over time. For example, the individual regularly fails to meet the recommended number of hours for sleeping or eat the right types of food at prescribed hours. As the individual gets battered by personal erroneous habits and external stresses, the imbalance among the doshas hinders the flow of vital energy in the body. The resulting stagnation eventually exposes the individual to various diseases and disorders, both mental and physical. In order for the individual’s well-being to get better, the vital points must be fittingly treated.

Massaging the Marma points stimulates or relaxes the doshas to cleanse the stagnated energy. This cleansing results to several benefits. The massage is very effective in enhancing overall health, extending life span and promoting beauty. By properly handling the vital points, the body experiences physical stability and improved flexibility. The treatment is instrumental in effectively removing poisonous materials and detrimental impurities from the body. Massaging the crucial points improves the capability of the immune system and greatly lowers the body’s chance of acquiring diseases and disorders even life-threatening ones. Stimulating these crucial points leads to better blood circulation and more efficient breathing. Treating the points very well promotes quicker recovery and restoration of damaged tissues. Proper treatment of the vital points also helps the brain and the rest of the nervous system to operate better.

If you want to become fully healthy, you must be sufficiently knowledgeable about Marma points. Being aware of the interesting advantages of properly handling the vital points, you must look for expert-provided treatments that are directed towards the 108 immensely crucial and undeniably very important points.

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