Himalayas-The butterfly’s paradise of India

Nature has blessed us with many wonderful creatures, the beauty of which can never be matched with the artificial beauty mankind have created. The most wonderful creatures that hypnotizes every one with its unique patterns of colors are the butterflies. The foothills of Himalayas are abundantly blessed with diverse species of these colorful flying creatures.

The best places where you can catch the flashy glimpses of these dazzling colors are the undisturbed virgin forests of north-east India. The high average of rainfall in these regions provide the best habitat for butterflies. More than 50% of the total species of butterflies found in India can be explored in these regions. Therefore, in other words the nature lovers who admire to watch these colorful creatures can consider this region as a paradise for butterflies.  The angels of butterflies known for its its mesmerizing colorful beauty like the Peacocks, Dragontails, Swordtails, Bhutan glory, Birdwings ( one of the species of the largest butterflies in the world), Mormons etc.  can be found commonly wandering in these region.

In the context of nature conservation Butterfly plays an important role in measuring the richness of bio-diversity of any region because of the diverse life cycle of these creatures. Every single species of butterfly lays its eggs on different species of plants, therefore more the variation in the species of butterflies, more should be the richness of bio-diversity of a particular region.

Some of such villages of north Bengal that has its renowned name among the butterfly lovers are Samsing(District- Darjeeling, Neora valley national park) and Jayanti ( District-Jalpaiguri, Buxa Tiger Reserve). If we move further towards the east then Namdapha in Arunachal Pradesh is another paradise for butterfly lovers.

Unlike the birds, these creatures can easily be sighted and for photographers it would be a great opportunity to capture the hypnotizing color patterns of their scaly wings and flashy movements. It not only will help you to study the nature more deeply but in the act it can also help you to identify various herbs and shrubs of nature that stimulates their life cycle.

Author: Babit


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