Gluten Free Healthy Ayurvedic Pilaw

In ancient texts of Ayurveda like Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Ashtanga Hridaya, there has been description of the people who have intolerance to certain food, herbs and water. What we term in modern medicine the allergy, Ayurveda considers that to be an Upadrava (pronounced -oo pa dra va). Though literal translation of this word is ‘complication’, many Ayurvedic scholars resemble this condition with intolerance or allergy due to food or whatsoever.

There are many people who have gluten intolerance or in other words, they cannot digest gluten as it produces allergic symptoms. While many get abdominal cramps other simply through out the content through anus or mouth without digesting it.

Here we come with corn-flecked rice Pilaw that has an Ayurvedic flavor and benefits. The recipe is augmented by adding spices that have medicinal properties to restore the gut movement. Adding delicious Indian spices also make the dish a delicious accompaniment to various vegetables.

Ingredients for Ayurvedic Gluten Free Pilaw
• 1 cup brown basmati (long-grain) brown rice
• 2 tsp. extra-virgin sunflower oil for cooking
• 2 small cups of vegetable stock (include cabbage, potatoes or any vegetable)
• 3/4th tsp. of cumin seeds
• 2 tbsp. of pumpkin seeds without hull
• 1/4th cup of onion, preferably finely chopped
• 1/4th tsp. of finely powdered cardamom
• A little stick of cinnamon
• 1 cup fresh corn kernels
• Coriander leaves or holy basil leaves for dressing
• Salt to taste

Preparation of Ayurvedic Gluten Free Dish
1. Heat the cooking oil in a large cooking pan over medium flame.
2. Add cut-onions and cook. Stir often to avoid burning. Do this until the content turns lightly brown (may take about 3 min).
3. Add cinnamon stick and cumin seeds. Stir well.
4. Include cardamom, salt and stir for a minute.
5. Add rice and cook. Stir often until spices are fragrant. May take a couple of minutes.
6. Stir in broth until it starts boiling.
7. Reduce flame to low.
8. Cover and simmer until the content is cooked. Cooked material has liquid being absorbed and rice tendered. May take up to half an hour
9. On the other hand, toast pumpkin seeds in a dry fry pan with low flame. Stir continuously to avoid burning. When it’s fragrant (after cooking for a minute or two), transfer to a bowl to cool.
10. When the rice is cooked and ready, put corn. Cover and cook until heated thoroughly, approximately five minutes.
11. Remove the cinnamon stick. Dress it with coriander leaves and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Ayurvedic Benefits

  • It’s gluten free recipe so safe for those who are allergic to it.
  • Nutritious dish with good vitamins and minerals
  • Cinnamon and cumin have Ayurvedic properties to restore the gut motility.
  • Brown rice have best fiber in it. Helps in relieving constipation and aids in digestion.
  • Holy basil or coriander leaves have natural digestive enzymes that help in regulating acidity and restoring the gut movement.

Author: Dr Maulik Vyas

I am a holistic Doctor with 10 yr of experience in medical/health and wellness industry. Also, I am a professional content writer with 1000s of articles published across the web. I'm available for content writing, natural treatment consultancy, business ideas about healthcare/wellness industry. I am the proprietor of company named Mouls Incorporation.

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