Glimpse of Hindu Marriage

A Hindu marriage is extremely complex cultural mechanism- with numerous permutations.

Every Hindu wedding, however, evokes the same sense of archaic rhythm; the rituals you are witnessing occurred before you were born, and they will occur long after you die. The reason for this is not immediately clear- weddings, and by extension, society, evolve and mutate into something entirely different with each passing year. Then you realize something- the rituals of a Hindu wedding are like oral storytelling. They have been passed down, generation to generation, over the thousands of years of otherwise constant change. They have been kept alive by a fervent passion for heritage and culture. So know that what Hindu wedding rituals you see now will invariably be passed on to the next generation of Hindus, to be replicated in their antiquated glory in the future.

Author: Apoorva Malarvannan

My name is Apoorva, and I am currently a high school student in the Greater Twin Cities area. I enjoy reading, writing, speaking, and photography. I have a blog here:


  1. Swati Jaiswal says:

    I think these are the photos of a south indian hindu wedding… right? weddings are so colorful and magnificent , everywhere in India, liked the snaps specially bangles, gajra and those glittering silver utensils…

  2. Resham Virk says:

    Yeah Photographs are very nice. I somehow like the south Indian weddings. They have a very ethnic touch to it. North India’s wedings are also a matter of celebration and festivity.

  3. The nadaswaram is one of the instruments that I like to hear when attending a south Indian Hindu wedding.

  4. Shrishti says:

    North or South, Hindu marriages are everywhere very colorful!

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