GHEE –An Indian Wonder

Ghee for any foreign national is clarified butter. For typical Ayurvedic Definition, the Ghee is butter without any solid or impurity. Ghee is actually pure and hence considered as the best cooking medium. It does not require refrigeration and is healthier as compared to other cooking oils/mediums.

In Ayurveda, Ghee is called as deepaniya, the one that encourages the digestive fire. In ancient times, Ghee was not just part of kitchen but used in almost preparation of Ayurvedic pills and tablets. The best among all Ghee is made from Cow’s milk.

Traditionally, the ghee is used for deep-frying to make some of the delicious Indian sweets like Jalebi. It is also used to make spicing masala, for general cooking, pan frying, and roasting bread or baked edibles.

The ghee is available in Ayurvedic or Indian Grocery Stores but can be also made at home. Here is the recipe…

Recipe to make Pure Ghee

Note: Generally, 5 lbs. of good quality butter can get you over ½ gallon of ghee.

Cooking time: approximately half an hour.

Simple Preparation Method

Step #1: Melt butter in a vessel/pot (preferably with thick bottom) on a medium flame.

Step #2: When you do step#1, the impurities will gradually separate. Observe it.

Step #3: Don’t stir or else the butter burns. Just boil.

Step #4: When bubbles start appearing on the surface observe the color of the butter.

Step #5: If the color has turned amber, it is done.

Step #6: Soon after it gets separated, strain through fine cotton cloth (cheese cloth?).

Ghee is mentioned as an essential edible in Ayurveda. It is an essence of the complete food, milk. It contains dietary fats, known for their palatability and repletion. Consuming ghee, according to Ayurveda is an easy source of concentrated energy. In modern medicines too, Ghee is considered as a carrier of the fat soluble vitamins (for that sense, a prime source of essential fatty acid).

According to modern medicine, one should not derive more than 35 per cent of daily calories from fats. Pure ghee is an important part of any vegetarian. Not just in cooking and preparing Ayurvedic medicines, Ghee hold equal importance in holy rituals such as yagya and pooja.

In Ayurveda ghee is referred to as a rasayana or rejuvenator supporting overall health and increasing immunity naturally. Ghee is lactose free and thus helps in balancing excess gastric acid and maintains healthy mucus lining in the gut.

Typically, Ghee en-kindles the agni (digestive fire) without disturbing the pitta dosha. Ghee is one of the most essential medicines for better mental and physical health.

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