Freelance Writer FAQ

These FAQs will answer most of your questions. For any further doubt, please send us an email and we we will look into it ASAP.

1. How often should I write and which day should I submit the article?
Ideally, we prefer that writers submit work every week. However, you may write more often if you can maintain the quality. We can also make exception if you want to submit articles infrequently to maintain the quality. Submission days are not specific. It’s your choice entirely.

2. (a) I run a blog. Will I need to stop writing it?
2. (b) Can I submit the same article elsewhere or include it on my blog/website few months after it is published on Spice Flair?

If you run a blog, we encourage you to maintain it. However, we need our content to be exclusive and as per our guidelines. Please do not use the same photos and text/paragraphs at your blogs or submissions to other website.

You are welcome to provide a small paragraph of your work published on Spice Flair on your blogs, and link it to

3. Can I submit the same article to you that was on my blog some time back?
We request you to submit fresh articles that are not published any where else. We do run a plagiarism check regularly through software such as Copyscape, DupeCop, Dupe Free, and so on.

4. Can you include my bio on the website?
Definitely. We prefer that our visitors should know the writers closely. We have a bio page where you must create an interesting profile of yourself with a picture, if possible.

5. (a) What word count do you work with?
5. (b) What rate do you offer per word?
We don’t have word count restrictions. If you can weave a story in 400 words that’s interesting and we like it, we will publish it. We don’t pay by the word count.

6. How will I know how much will I get for my article?
We decide on remuneration depending on the topic, the writing style and photos submitted. However, we tell you the payment before you start work on the article.

7. Will you compensate for food bill, travel and other expenses I incur for my article?
We are looking for long-term tie-ups. At the initial stage of your involvement, we only pay for the article. No other costs are reimbursed.

8. How much do you pay for the photographs?
The payment is based on each submission. Photos are compulsory with each write-up. There is no separate payment for photos.

9. I can click awesome photographs. Will you buy my pictures for your website?
We don’t buy pictures. However, if you can stitch a story with photographs (photo feature), we will be glad to publish it and compensate you accordingly.

10. I have understood every thing so far. Tell me your guidelines for write-up
We are hoping that you have read through this webpage:

If you are willing to write for us, send in proposals. You can either email them to us or submit it online. We will commission you the ones we require with our guidelines, and also provide you with payment details.