Flair Point FAQ


Some of the Spice Flair members were posting comments, creating groups just to accumulate Flair Points, so we decided to terminate the reward for the NEW MEMBERS. Existing members (joined before June 2013) can still get the reward based on their contribution to the Spice Flair community.

1. What is Flair Point?
Flair Points is designed to encourage Spice Flair members to participate in various activities in the Spice Flair site. For example, each time a member posts a blog, participate in group discussion, post a comment, Flair Points will be awarded to the member. Over a period of time as the Flair Points accumulate they reach certain level in Spice Flair and be eligible for getting a reward.

2. What are all the different activities and how much point each activity carries?
Blog Activities
Points for each comment 5
Points subtracted for each comment deleted -5
Points for each post 100
Points for new members 100

Community Group/Forum Activities
Points for creating a group 10
Points for uploading a group avatar 5
Remove points for group deletion -10
Points for joining a group 5
Points for leaving a group -5
Points for a update 2
Points for a comment or reply 5
Group comment or reply 5
Remove points for comment deletion -5
Points for Completed Friend Request 5
Remove points for Canceled Friendship -5
Points for New Group Forum Topic 10
Points for New Group Forum Post 5
Points for Avatar Upload 5
Points for Message Sent 2

3. What are the different levels in Flair Points?
Flair Newbie 300
Flair Contributor 1000
Flair Devotee 2000
Flair Guru 4000

4. How many Flair Points I need to have and what do I get as a reward?
You get gift card either from Amazon or from Paypal. You need to register with Paypal and send us your Paypal account before we can send your gift amount.

Once you reach 1000 points you will get a $25.00 Gift Certificate.
Once you reach 2000 points you will get a $50.00 Gift Certificate.
Once you reach 6000 points you will get a $150.00 Gift Certificate.

5. What is my first step to start accumulate Flair Points?
Register in Spice Flair site and start participating with our community.

6. How do I get my reward?
You will get an email with the reward, we will send it to your email you registered in Spice Flair. Before sending the gift we will call you and talk to you to confirm you’re the actual member receiving the gift.

7. Why did you choose Amazon and and flipkart.com Gift Certificates?
Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and our members can use the Gift certificates from several countries. At present Amazon is not started its operation in India, so we picked the popular Online retailer in India which is flipkart.com.

8. Can I get the same reward multiple times as I move from lower level to higher level?
No, as a member you will get your reward only once. As you move from lower level to higher level you will get a reward for that higher level only.

9. Can I register multiple times using different email ids?
No, you should not create multiple accounts. We will record your IP address in all your activities and if we find out that you’re using multiple email ids we will revoke all your Flair Points.

10. How can I find out my current Flair Points?
Once you login, you can see your total Flair Point at the top right corner in the site. If you click, it will display all the activities and the points associated with each activity. You can also see site wide Flair Points and Flair Points Summery.

11. Is there any activity that reduces my Flair Point?
Yes, some activities like removing a comment, leaving a group will reduce the points you accumulated for that activity.

12. Can a Spice Flair Admin reduce my Flair Point?
Yes Admin of the Spice Flair site can remove/reduce your points. Generally if you post comments that are not appropriate or if you create a new topic that is not appropriate to the group, then Admin will remove the comment or the topic. When any of your activity is removed, points you got for that activity will be removed from your total Flair Points.

13. Can an Admin remove all my Flair Point?
Yes, Spice Flair Admin have all the rights to remove all your Flair Points. If you keep on posting inappropriate comments or creating groups just to get Flair Points, or sending inappropriate messages to our members all your Flair Points will be removed and you may also be banned from the Spice Flair site.

14. How do I know I am posting appropriate comments or creating appropriate topics in the groups?
Use your common sense, do not post comments that are one word or two words just to accumulate Flair Points. Do not create new topic just to accumulate the Flair Points. Authentically participate in Spice Flair community and help us grow the site and you will be accumulating the Flair Points.

15.Can this reward program runs forever?
No, the main reason for the reward program is to encourage our members to participate in our community. Once we achieve our membership goals, we will stop the reward program.

16. What will happen to my flair points when you stop the reward program?
You will still have your Flair Points and you accumulate for the activities you perform on the Spice Flair site. But you will not get the reward for your Flair Points.

17. Why blog posting has got high Flair Points?
Posting a blog is not as simple as posting a comment or responding to a question. It needs more work so it has more points.

18. Do I get paid for my blog posts?
Yes, if you want to get paid for your blogs, then we will compensate for your blogs but you will not get Flair Points for that blog post. Once your blog is published we will compensate for your blog and we will reduce the Flair Points for your blog that was awarded to you by the system. First you need to get approval from us to get paid for your blog posting.

19. Do I get Flair Points for paid blog posts?
No, if you get paid for your blogs, you will not get Flair Points for those blogs.

20. Do I get paid for Forum posts?

Generally the answer is No, but sometimes for very specific groups, we may pay for the forum posts.

21. If I get paid for Forum posts, do I also get Flair Points?
No, if you get paid for Forum posts, those posts will not accumulate in your total Flair Points.

22. If I respond to my paid blog comments do I get Flair Points?
Yes, if you get paid for your blog, then we will reduce the Flair Points ONLY to the blog, all your other activities will accumulate Flair Points to you.

23. Do you either increase or decrease Flair Points for an activity say “Comment Posting”? Does it affect my existing Flair Points?
Yes, based on our strategic long-term and short-term goals from time to time we will change the total points for an activity. It will not affect your earned Flair Points, but it will affect your future Flair Points for that activity.

24. How do I know how much point each activity will be awarded to me?
Once you login click the Flair Points, and then click Flair Point Summary.

25. What do Spice Flair gains by giving rewards to its members?
Spice Flair is creating a vibrant community with a focus on India and to educate everyone about various aspects of India. By encouraging its members to participate in various community activities, Spice Flair can identify members who can be moderators and group leaders to manage and grow the community.

26. How do Flair Points work for existing members?
All existing member’s Flair Points will be reduced to 100 as if you registered as a new member. We want to make sure the all the members start accumulating the Flair Points after we officially launch the program.

27. Why did existing members lost their Flair Points?
All the existing members Flair Points is reduced to 100 when the Flair Points award program is launched officially on Jan 1st 2013 to manage all the new and existing members equally.

28. Do I get Flair Points if I post comments on a blog without registering in Spice Flair?
No, if you need Flair Points you need to register with Spice Flair.

29. Can guest blogs earn Flair Points?
No, typically guest blogs written for commercial reasons will have a external link to a web sites. These blogs do not earn Flair Points.

30. If I want to post a blog to get Flair Points what do I do?
Simple, register in Spice Flair and upload your blog. For more details on submitting blog to Spice Flair, see India Story Proposal.