Facts about carom/thyme

Thyme belongs to the mint family. They belong to the Mediterranean native in this mint family. It is an evergreen perennial shrub. Cultivation of thyme is pretty easy as it can be grown simply from seeds or any cuttings.

There are many varieties of thyme. The garden thyme and the lemon thyme is the most common variety of thyme. The lemon thyme is so called because they have a lemon fragrance.  It should be noted that the different varieties of thymes cannot be easily distinguished as they are very similar in their appearances. Bees get very much attracted to the thymes.

Buying tips
Selection of thyme is very important. Summer season is the best time for buying thymes. It is always the best option to buy the themes, which are green, and looks fresh. Wilted ones are to be avoided. You can go for the packaged seasonings as well but they would not be of very high quality. If the store restocks the fresh herbs quite often, then you can buy thyme for such stores.

Culinary usage
Among the different culinary herbs, thyme is most popularly used. Silver thyme, Italian Oregano thyme, Caraway thyme, English thyme, Pennsylvania thyme and the Hi-Ho Silver thyme are the eight different varieties of thyme which are used for culinary purpose In French cuisine it is ranked among the best herbs. Greeks in the ancient days used to believe that thyme gives courage. The Persians too fed on thyme using it as appetizer. In modern days thyme have many culinary usage.

  1. It is also used in different vegetable, fish and meat dishes.
  2. Salad and soups can be prepared using thyme.
  3. Been dishes can be added with a bit of thyme.
  4. On any omelet or egg preparation theme is sprinkled.
  5. During poaching or baking or grilling of fish theme is added.
  6. Fried bread with carom flavor is a very common dish, which can be prepared in 25mins using one teaspoon of carom seeds with wheat, flour, vegetable oil and water.
  7. Not just bread, even vinegars and marinades are flavored with thyme.
  8. Jellies, desserts often contain thyme.
  9. In order to make meat more digestible a bit of thyme is added to eat before the cooking.
  10. Beef burger, lamb or pork can also be consumed with a bit of thyme over it as it adds to the test.
  11. Lemon fragrance of the lemon thyme is often used in cooking of fish.
  12. For the preparation of bouquet qarni thyme is the most important ingredient.
  13. Costly Benedictine liqueur always has thyme as its prime ingredient.
  14. Since bees are very much attracted to the thyme flowers, the honey that is obtained is gourmet delight.

It is very easy to store and preserve thyme. It can be dried and kept easily. First the fresh thyme is wrapped in a plastic. Then they are put inside the paper towels and kept in a refrigerator. Usually the dry, cool, dark places are used for storing the ground theme and the fresh thyme. If care is taken then you can store the dried theme for one year and the ground theme for about six months.

Medicinal values
From the ancient days the medicinal uses of thyme was known to the people. They used thyme concoctions as a treatment against body lice, leprosy, cough, digestive problems and even plague. The portion of the thyme plant present above the ground is used for medicinal purpose. Today the medicinal benefits of thyme has been scientifically proven and known to all.

  1. Respiratory and chest problems can be treated with thyme because it clears the lungs and makes breathing much easier.
  2. It is also used for protection of heart.
  3. Anti oxidant property of thyme is well known.
  4. Thyme is good anti bacterial.
  5. Medicines and mouthwash often contain thyme as its ingredient.
  6. Thyme is an anti fungal used for treatment of athlete’s foot.
  7. Cough and cold can also be treated using thyme.
  8. Digestion can be made easier with intake of thyme.
  9. It calms nervousness.
  10. Different rheumatic problems like joint swelling can be treated with it.
  11. Sometimes thyme is also used as anti depressant.
  12. It also helps to cure some menopausal symptoms and PMT.

Where to buy the vegetable in US
Thyme is very common in US. So it is available in almost every grocery shop that you come across. Just for example, Shaws or Hannaford sells thyme. You can buy it from any store nearby as long as they are dry and fresh. Due to its popularity thyme is available in many online stores as well. It is would not be a difficult for you to find thyme in any natural food shop. In most of the supermarkets you will get dried thymes in airtight jars.

Nutritional and dietary information
When it comes to nutritional values, thyme is one of the most important herbs.

  1. The amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin A human body needs daily can be got with intake of a teaspoon of thyme.
  2. Iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese and zinc are present in thyme.
  3. Essential oil like caracole, borneol, thymol and linalool is present in thyme.
  4. Triterpenic acid, tannin bitter principle is also present in thyme.
  5. The flavonoids like saponins and triterpenic is also found in thyme.

Thyme is a very aromatic plant. It can be easily concluded that thyme is one of the most useful and beneficial herb. Thyme also finds its use in culinary. Other than all these, it is also used for decorative purposes. In home gardens it serves as the functional plant as well. Thyme is also used an insect repellant. Often thyme tea is put in plant mister or sprayed around windows and doorways to repel insects especially in the summer.

Nutrition Facts
Servings Size 1 tbsp (1 g)
Calories 3
Dietary Fiber 1%
Vitamin A 1%
Vitamin C 1%
Calcium 2%
Iron 7%
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because it has not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.


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