Essential Oils for Relaxation and Intoxication

Essential oils are the extracted oils from exotic plants like chamomile, grass, ylang ylang or sandalwood or more common plants such as lavender and rose but each of them carries its own properties and characteristics that benefit the health in one or the other way. It is always better to purchase pure essential oil from reputed vendor and brand.

While essential oils have health benefits, they also have soulful fragrance that help calming down the brain’s aggression and restore the chemical substances in the body. Lots of researches have been done to understand the positive effects of Aromatherapy on the human body and brain. Needless to say, certain essential oils can induce relaxation and intoxication just more than anything else.

Let us now learn some of the most effective essential oils that help getting relaxed and gain vigor:-

Chamomile (Chamomilla recutita): it is relaxing and known for its antispasmodic properties. It helps relieving tension headaches. It is also found very effective in nervous and digestion problems. Regular use of chamomile essential oil is beneficial in sleeplessness or what we medically term insomnia.

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia): bergamot is the peel of the ripe fruit that yields essential oil known for its gentle and soothing properties. Many holistic healing practitioners and alternative medical practitioners believe that Bergamot is the most effective essential oil to treat depression of any origin. In addition, Bergamot when used at the start of the day gets a daylong result and most effectiveness. However, the precaution is to be taken as it should not be used on the skin before going into bright sun light. It may increase the photosensitivity in some individuals as reported as adverse effect.

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea): among others, Clary Sage essential oil certainly gives a euphoric uplift to the human mind but then it is not to be used in abandon quantity. Just like other essential oils jasmine and ylang ylang, Clary sage possesses anti depressant and anti stress properties. It is relaxing and revitalizing. The aromatherapy experts do not deny its aphrodisiac effects when used in certain quantity and in a particular way.

Sandalwood (Santalum album): the essential oil of sandalwood is probably the oldest perfume in the history of humankind. Sandalwood is known for its mind soothing and heavenly fragrance and is used for over 3000 years. Sandalwood essential oil possesses relaxing and antidepressant effects on the human mind. Also, it has positive effects on nervous system and helps calming down the neurotransmitters, if imbalanced. Others believe that the essential oil of sandalwood works best as aphrodisiac when the sexual problems are due to mental problem.

Author: Dr Maulik Vyas

I am a holistic Doctor with 10 yr of experience in medical/health and wellness industry. Also, I am a professional content writer with 1000s of articles published across the web. I'm available for content writing, natural treatment consultancy, business ideas about healthcare/wellness industry. I am the proprietor of company named Mouls Incorporation.


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