Essential Ingredients to Create Asian Style Dishes

Asian cuisines are among the most popular around the world. Those are as diverse as the unique regions in Asia. There can be slight variations in the recipes but there are specific ingredients that remain basic and essential for creating the distinctive food flavor.

Mango ginger (Curcuma amada), not related to mango, related to turmeric, popular cooking item in Indian cooking.

Are you considering creating your own Asian-inspired dishes? You do not need to drop by any Asian country to find and buy the essential ingredients that will help you meet your goal. Most of those can be found and bought in the nearest grocery. Here are the most essential of those Asian cuisine ingredients.

Soy sauce
In most Asian dishes, soy sauce serves as an all-purpose condiment or seasoning. It is not surprising that almost all Chinese cuisines, in particular, are added with soy sauce. This condiment was invented in China about 2,500 years ago as flavoring and preservative of food. The salty and dark sauce is necessary for creating various dishes. Just observe moderation when pouring it as your dishes may turn very salty.

Fish sauce

Fish sauce is a staple in most Thai and Southeast Asian dishes. It smells like fish combined with cheese. The aroma can be stronger compared to its taste. Not only does it add saltiness and flavor to cuisines. It can also bring about important nutrients like vitamin B12 and amino acids. You might be wondering how fish sauce is made. Fish is packed in a barrel, covered with brine and fermented under the sun for a few months. The result is a brown-colored liquid that is drained and bottled.

Sesame oil

Japanese dishes usually feature sesame oil. This ingredient is known for providing the unique oriental flavor. The amber-hued and thick oil perfectly blends with tempura and most pan fried Korean dishes. It is high in important antioxidants and is effective in bringing about a toasted flavor. Sesame oil can be naturally preserved by keeping it in a glass bottle, which should be stored in a cool and dark place.

Garlic and ginger
In Asia, garlic and ginger are considered as staples in most Indian food preparation. These should be chopped, grated, and sliced to unlock the powerful aroma and flavor. Together, these ingredients are formidable. They can add spice and flavor to most Asian dishes while at the same time they mend flavors and liven up a typically bland dish. These days, these can be bought in powdered form.

Coconut milk

Some Asian dishes are unique because they include coconut milk as one of the ingredients. This is usually added to Asian curries and other Asian dishes. It can be produced by extracting milk-like juice from grated coconut. If you dislike the tediousness, you may opt to buy canned coconut milk, which is readily available in the grocery.

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