Do you want to be a freelance writer for Spice Flair?

We are constantly looking for good writers and photo bloggers to write about India. India is 5500 years old, with a rich history, culture, and heritage. India is the home of various religions, languages,and people. It contains ancient tribes, high-rise buildings, grand temples, and a billion vibrant people.

Do you have the eye to capture these sights in your camera?
Can you write about them in plain English?

If so then we are interested in hearing about it. The topic needs to be unique, interesting and not published on other web sites.

Photos are required for your story. We prefer to have original photos that go with the story. But if you have exceptional ideas that are unique, we will accept it without your own photos, but for that story you need to identify the photos from Flickr Creative Commons or from other web sites that can be used by Spice Flair.

We are interested in stories that are not published anywhere else, and Spice Flair owns the copyright for the photos and the stories you publish through us.

You will be compensated for your stories and photos based on following criteria:
Uniqueness of the story
Quality of photos
Number of words

For more info read the FAQ
For more info about story proposal read India story proposal

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