Cinnamon oat Kheer

Vital Statistics
Kilo Calories: 447
Fat: 12 gm. (out of what 1.54 gm. saturated)
Protein: 18 gm. Approximately
Carbohydrate: 70 gm. Approximately.

The description of the recipe
The properties of cinnamon have been widely described in Ayurvedic texts such as Sharangdhara and Dravyaguna Vigyana. The Ayurvedic pharmacopeia mentions great range of health benefits of cinnamon as the herb helps in improving digestive fire and restores the peristalsis movements. In this recipe, we also use banana, oats, raspberries, wheatgerm and honey to augment the overall health benefits. The kheer (the Porridge) has its own importance in Indian culture as it is believed to be a ‘welcoming’ recipe for the guests in auspicious occasions. This recipe is basically a breakfast that can replace heavy calorie intake of bread and butter.

What all ingredients are required for Cinnamon Kheer?
The recipe aims cutting down the calories that most of the people intake during the breakfast. The beginning of the day has to have light serving so as to boost the stomach and intestines’ functioning. Heavy breakfast puts extra loads on the digestive organs making them weaker day by day. We focus on nutritious ingredients to make breakfast of Cinnamon Kheer. Let us look at what all we require to prepare this wonderful dish…

• 1 tbsp. of wheatgerm
• 40 gm. Of rolled oats
• 150 ml. of skimmed milk
• Half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon
• Salt –as per your taste (preferably very little)
• 15 gm. Of whole almonds (chopped)
• Raspberries -50 gm. Fresh
• Half banana sliced (preferably medium sized)
• 2 tsp. of clear honey. You can also use same amount of maple syrup if you do not have honey (for serving).

How to prepare Cinnamon Kheer?
The method of preparing breakfast that is more nutritious than loaded with calories is very simple. Put the oats, wheatgerm and cinnamon in a clean saucepan. Once done, add skimmed milk into it with a pinch of salt. Dilute this mix by adding 100 ml. of water and then put it on the stove.

Cook over medium heat for about five minutes or you may test the oats to become tender and also the Kheer turned thicker. These results indicate the recipe is all ready to serve.

Pour the nutrition rich healthy Kheer into a serving bowl and top the recipe with almonds, banana and raspberries. Drizzle honey (or in case you do not have, the maple syrup) over the top to add pleasant look.

Health benefits of Cinnamon Kheer
Ayurveda describes lots of benefits of honey, berries and bananas. They are rich in nutrition and help improving the quantity of rasa dhatu (the body serums and fluids) and hence help in retaining the vitality. Almonds help in improving the memory whereas honey is best in shedding off the extra pounds.

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