Chakra Balancing Therapy

The chakra balancing therapies in yoga were developed in ancient Hindu texts that cover the topics of tantric and yogic theories and traditions. The word Chakra has it’s roots in the Sanskrit word for wheel or “turning.” The idea of chakra balancing therapy an alternative medicine that refers to the wheel-like vortices which Indian traditional medicine believes to exist just under the skin inside what’s called the subtle body.

Yoga practitioners of chakra balancing manipulate the force centers that, or energy points, that form inside living beings. The subtle matter, from the subtle body, are the specific points of concentration for chakra balancing techniques. These specific points are broke down into seven very specific areas and are believed to the be the main reception and transmission points of energy across the body. There are several different chakra systems, but the most popular western known chakra balancing system involves the 7 chakras.

Chakra Healing: What they do
Like I said before, there are several different types of chakra healing belief systems. But, in all forms of chakra healing, the basic ideas remain the same. For instance, the chakra will always form a body of energy that specific energy channels, or nadi, and winds, or pranas. These channels are key to chakra healing and the techniques used to make the body openly pass energy from point to point.

Chakras will always run alongside, or even inside, the spine, which isn’t surprising since it is the spine that control the nervous system. Another constant in chakra healing is that the chakras themselves possess a number of spokes that can branch off into thousands of other channels, or nadis, that run throughout the entire body.

Chakra Healing Locations
Chakra balancing practitioners define a chakra as a powerhouse of energy that sores and transfers the energy from the cosmos. The main channels, or nadis go straight down the spine, running a slightly curved path as each chakra it overlaps with another as it makes it’s way from end to end. With these chakra lies three types of different energy centers.

The lowers chakra balancing centers are usually referred to as the animal chakras and are located from between the toes to the central pelvic area. These chakras are meant to remind us and influence us froth stand point that we are based out of the animal kingdom. The human chakras are found directly along the spine. The third and final chakras are called the divine chakras and are located between the top of the spine and the crown of the head.

The Western 7 Chakras
As I mentioned before, in the western known ideas of chakra balancing therapies, the 7 chakras, or human chakras, are the most used and known. The seven chakras, from the bottom of the spine to the top, are:

Muladhara – The base or root chakra. It controls the ovaries for women and the prostate for men. It is one of the most focused on chakra healing points, for obvious reasons.

Swadhisthana – This chakra is located two finger widths above Muladhara among the 7 chakras. It controls the feelings of destruction, not only self destruction but all destruction. It also has a massive affect on delusions, disdain, and suspicion. This is where potential karma’s will lie dormant until they are needed.

Manipura – This chakra healing point is located directly opposite the naval. This is the fulcrum of the chakra balancing points. It represents the mass of the body’s energy, willpower, achievement, fire, and even digestion. This is the point of energy that many psychics believe their power comes from and will often ask for quiet so they can listen to their own manipura.

Anahata – This is the 4th of the 7 chakras and is located at the same height as the heart. This chakra healing point is often associated with decision making bound by the las of man, the element of air, the sense of touch, and almost any actions of the hands. Being at heart level, this chakra balancing point is used to make decisions regarding love and following your heart to do the right thing. The masters of chakra healing believe that if a man meditates on this chakra point to perfection he will be able to completely control his senses, be dearer than the dearest to women, and actually enter anthers body at will.

Vishudda – This chakra is located at the neck area of the spine with its superficial activation spot being the throat. The vishudda chakra balancing point is referred to many chakra healers as the purification point. This chakra is usually associated with a higher level of discrimination, creativity, and self-expression. When this chakra is closed we under-go a form of inner decay and death.
When it’s open and active all the negativity we have will be changed, or morphed, into wisdom and learning. This fact make this one of the most important of the 7 chakras. It is this chakra balancing point that chakra healers believe is solely responsible for our personal success and failures. The feeling of guilt is the most obvious reason for this chakra, which will block all good energies going to upward in the chakra scale. It is largely affiliated with the physical actions of hearing and speaking, in other words, understanding and communication.

Ajnan – This chakra balancing point is positioned in the brain, behind the center of the eyebrows. Anja is directly translated into “command,” and is considered the eye of intuition in chakra balancing therapies. When you can picture something in your minds eye or having a vivd dream, it is being seen by the Anja chakra. The senses and actions are both associated with the Anja. This chakra is believed to be the gathering spot for all the energy gathered from the external world. It is that active and constant use that make taking special spiritual care for chakra very important.

The Sahasrara – This chakra is probably the hardest to pronounce of all 7 chakras, but is no less important than any of the others. This chakra represents the detachment from illusions and fake things. This is the one of the chakras that is crucial in being able to reach a higher consciousness, or obtaining supramental abilities. It is said to be the most subtle of the 7 chakras. Meditation on this chakra is theorized to be the best way to obtain occult like powers and teen transform onto the divine making whatever one wishes come true.

These are what each of the 7 chakras do and how they can be beneficial in chakra therapy by a trained guide and chakra therapist. Chakra balancing therapies are some of the most used and oldest alternative medicines in the world. Using it can only help improve you senses and quality of life. If you have the urge to try, go for it, it can only help!

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