My visit to Enchanting Nainital in Uttarakhand

I visited Nainital, along with my family in the month of June, a week or so before catastrophic floods devastated the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. Coming as it did, just a few days after we had the most wonderful time in Uttarakhand, the news considerably saddened me. [Read more…]

Udaipur-Enchanting town of lakes and palaces

I visited Udaipur for the first time in my life in the middle of April. It was a day long trip in connection with my work. I boarded the early morning flight from the swanky T3 , Indira Gandhi  Airport in Delhi and was soon flying west in a Jet Airways turbo prop. In about an hour our plane landed on rain washed tarmac. The moment I stepped out of the aircraft, the first thing I noticed was that the air smelt so fresh and cool. Coming from grossly polluted Delhi, the air in Udaipur almost smelt fragrant. [Read more…]

My trip to Agra

I visited the city of the Taj Mahal Agra, for the second time in my life a few years back with my wife and our small son.I had earlier visited it once for a short while, many years before marriage.  Since I live in the Delhi-NCR region, I had decided that we would drive it down. And that’s what we did- in our little Maruti 800 car. Agra is some 200 kilometers from Delhi and even back then in 2006 the road was excellent all the way, though crowded at a few places. These days of course you have the  super expressway, which has considerably reduced travel time, though I daresay the whole point of a journey on Indian roads is to stop by at the dhabas(highway restaurants) and gorge on the delicious fare they serve. I doubt there are any along the new expressway. [Read more…]

Backpack Indian Travel: Summer Destinations and Cultural Tourist Attraction

India is a land of many attractions. Unfortunately, India is a relatively hot country. Many popular cities in India are extremely hot during the summer. The top cities such as New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Mumbai are extremely hot. It becomes unbearable as many place such as lounges; restaurants are not properly air conditioned. However there are some places in India that are suitable for tourism in the summers. These places are perfect summer destination for that energetic backpacker. Some of these places are also important for cultural reasons. [Read more…]

Aharbal: Waterfall in Pir Panjals

In our quest to explore the unexplored of Jammu and Kashmir, we decided to visit Aharbal this weekend. Not a popular destination amongst locals as well as Travel agencies it was difficult to gather much information about the same. The only information in hand was

(a)    It is a beautiful waterfall near Sopian (a city in Jammu and Kashmir) on Veshu River.

(b)   It is located at a distance of 42.6 Km from Anantnag.

This information was also courtesy Google Maps. [Read more…]

India’s Most Colorful Spring Festivals

Harvest season is the time when whole of India comes together to celebrate their harvest. The air is full of festivity and joy. And this story is repeated in almost every state. Giving you an insight into some of the best known and celebrated Harvest festivals of India. [Read more…]

A visit to 7 sacred cities of Bihar – the land of Budha and Mahavira

Bihar state of India is the land where the messengers of peace Gautam Budha and Vardhman Mahavira enlightened and started spreading message of love and peace. There are some cities in Bihar that attract pilgrims from all over the world as these are the places where both these great souls spent most of the time of their lives. I am listing those sacred cities of the state that constantly reminds us of these incarnations of God who taught us lesson of love, kindness, service, sympathy and non-violence. [Read more…]

The City beautiful: Chandigarh

Being in Chandigarh is the most fashionable moment in life of any resident of Punjab. As youngsters, just by being in Chandigarh and doing meager things like “Ghedi” (Leisure travelling around sector markets and on Chandigarh roads) was the ‘IN’ thing and this tradition is being followed even by today’s youth. [Read more…]

Lotus temple, New Delhi: A Place of Worship for all faiths

On all my flights landing on terminal 1D of Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, I was always mesmerized by having an aerial view of this grand structure called Lotus Temple in New Delhi. Even so whenever I was driving through Kalkaji, on the flyover in Nehru Place, on my way to Noida, I used to pull myself straight up to take a peek of this temple in shape of a lotus. It indeed looks spectacular with all lights on and would give competition to any wonders of the world with its charisma and grandness. And this vacation the magnetic pull of the Lotus temple was successful to pull me towards itself and I witnessed the magnificence. [Read more…]

Exploring the City of Nawabs: Lucknow

Once the capital of Awadh, Lucknow still resonates with the glory of nawabs and the aroma of the kebabs. To explore this city one can expend a lifetime but I am trying to share the heart and soul of Lucknow so as to fully understand what is in store for us at Lucknow. [Read more…]