A Day at Dal lake, Srinagar


The most mesmerizing place of Srinagar is Dal lake, hands down. The best way to enjoy the serenity of this lake would be to take some time off and just go and sit on the banks of the lake. See the locals ferrying around on their shikaras as well as the tourists enjoying their rides in the decorated and colorful Shikaras. You can find even floating shops of photographers, jewelers and not to forget to mention the floating post office. [Read more…]

Copper Utensils of Kashmir

Copper has been an integral part of a Kashmiri household. A collection of copper utensils are gifted to the bride. The Hindu brides in Kashmir used to get Brass utensils and Muslim brides used to get copper utensils. Also these utensils are part of every celebration in a Kashmir. These utensils were always on my shopping list as I wanted a “Surahi” as a souvenir of this lovely land. My exploring this lovely piece of art took me to a local shop here who is selling these utensils to the locals. And I discovered that there is plenty to explore here. The variety and the “Nakashi” on the utensils are simply mesmerizing. [Read more…]

Photos of 2012 Diwali Sweets

Diwali, like all major religious holidays, is a long, involved affair. The preparations start days, perhaps even weeks before, and when it arrives, Diwali lasts for hours, with fireworks spiraling up into the sky well into the early hours of the next morning. One of the key parts of Diwali is the singular sweets that families create every year. Diwali is a chance to try out new recipes and revisions to old ones, anything to make this year’s batch that much grander. [Read more…]

Visit to Chennai Basilica

Though India is a predominantly a Hindu country, there are nearly 24 million Christians living in India. The faith of Christianity  in India arrived as early as the 6th century AD, even before it spread to some countries in Europe. During 52 AD, Thomas the Apostle visited India to spread Christianity; after his death he was buried in place that is now called Santhome. During the 10th century AD, Christian converts built a tomb over the burial site of St. Thomas. Then the Portuguese who came to South India, saw the tomb and built a church, which was later was rebuilt by the British people. [Read more…]

Glimpse of India’s Sunday Food Market

For many people in India, Sunday is a big meal day. Typically, they buy fresh food from market, cook and eat with all family members. It is also a day for them to stack up food for the following week. Though super markets and online services available to deliver food to their home, most of the Indians still go to the Sunday market to buy food directly from the food growers. [Read more…]

7th Century Architectural wonder – The Sea Temple

Recently I visited Mahabalipuram and took these pictures at the sea temple. I had a great tour guide who helped me to understand the Sea Temple architecture that was built in the 7th century by a Pallava king called Rajasimha. I had a guide explaining various historical information that I didn’t know until that day. [Read more…]

7th Century Architectural Wonder – The Five Rathas

The Five Rathas in Mahabalipuram is a seventh-century architectural wonder that was constructed by the Pallava kings. Each of the Ratha is named after important characters of Mahabharata, an epic Hindu tale. [Read more…]

Glimpse of Hindu Marriage

A Hindu marriage is extremely complex cultural mechanism- with numerous permutations. [Read more…]

Creative Artists in the Streets of India

With more than a billion people with a background of 5000 years, India is the home of several skilled artists doing their jobs on the streets to make ends meet. These street artists aren’t the typical Western teenager pledging anarchy with a spray can, however- they are skillful artists whose artisanship echoes the past efforts of family members from generations ago. With the modern frenetic buzz of our life, we skirt by them, barely registering their presence before we are off again, swept away by the confused traffic of modern India. What we don’t notice is their stunning end products, rich tales of a quieter, less grandiose India, painted with the hues of ancient heritage and nativity. [Read more…]

Indian Sweets – Assortment of shapes, colours, and textures

India is the home of many different types of sweets, each region has its own style, shape, color, and taste. Generally Indian sweets are made with sugar, milk, and cream. Each region of India has its own way to sweet preparation that is vastly different from each other. [Read more…]