Keys to Easy Digestion- Proper Cooking and Taste

Digestion is described as the process through which the food coming from the external environment is broken with the intention of integrating it with the inner environment. The process by which the digested elements get integrated with the cells is referred to as absorption. The process through which the unneeded elements are removed is termed as the process of elimination. The level of wellness and nourishment felt by an individual significantly, depends upon the balance struck between the three processes. Read through this article and get acquainted with a number of yet unexplored facts about digestion. [Read more…]

10 Must Visits for the Indian Foodie

India offers a great gastronomical fare to the average traveler. Foreigners coming to India have praised the Indian cuisine and have repeatedly claimed that the country is a paradise for anyone looking to experience a medley of flavors and culinary textures. Indian foodies too have earmarked destinations over the year where they swear by the food. Here are our top picks in the country. [Read more…]

Indian “Chaat” Delicacies

An Indian savory that is sure to tickle your taste buds is the Indian Chaat. It is a road side snack that is relished more while standing on a roadside cart or a stall. Popularly known as the “Paani Poori” it is relished as if there is no tomorrow and it is the last time one is eating the delicacy. There are many variations to the original chaat but whatever the chaat form would be the taste lingers on in your senses for long. [Read more…]

Hyderabad winter delicacy – Mirchi Ka Salan

Being from the forces gives you the liberty to try new dishes and that too from the melange of Indian flavors to the best. One such recipe that was added this winters to my recipe book was the Mirch Ka Salan. A delicacy from Hyderabad Kitchen but was put on a platter by a North Indian. It was so sumptuous that everyone was seen relishing the same with Lachedaar Prantha (An Indian bread with layers visible). And once the dish became the star of the party all the ladies were around the host to learn how this delicacy was put to plate. And here is what she disclosed. [Read more…]

Essential Ingredients to Create Asian Style Dishes

Asian cuisines are among the most popular around the world. Those are as diverse as the unique regions in Asia. There can be slight variations in the recipes but there are specific ingredients that remain basic and essential for creating the distinctive food flavor. [Read more…]

Yummy Kolkata Street Food

Kolkata- the city of joy is actually a place where you will find an abundance of joy amidst all atrocities. It’s because people here know how to keep themselves and others happy. Among all other recipes of joy and laughter, the main being our food. Yes the Kolkatans know very well that a way to a man’s ( women are no exception) heart is through food. [Read more…]

Taste of Bengali Sunday Meal

A Bengali is stereotyped by three things- Football, Politics, and Food. A Bengali might choose between East-Bengal or Mohanbagan, Red or Green, but there is no choice on the food vs no food. If you are not a foodie, you are not a Bengali. Seeping in the tradition, I myself, am in awe of Bengali cuisines. Here, I am portraying a glimpse of a typical Bengali Sunday menu. [Read more…]

Delicious Delhi Delights

Delhi has been keeping in tune with the changing times while evolving and assimilating within itself a myriad of culture and culinary trends like no other city in India. It is a melting pot of gastronomic delight ranging from international cuisine to its very own variety of street-food for which it is so popular. [Read more…]

A gastronomic trail through Kottayam

The first thought that captures the mind when Kottayam is mentioned is of Kumarakom and the boat rides on the Vembanad Lake. The city of Kottayam has not got its due on the travel and tourism map of Kerala and basically serves as a transit towards its more renowned neighbourhood of Alappuzha made famous by the picture perfect backwater cruises. [Read more…]

Organic livelihood in Indian villages

Today the whole world is conducting awareness sessions for banning the culture of insecticides and pesticides. The composition of such chemicals have reached a point now that can even cause harm to human beings. India is a country renowned for its agricultural richness, so in obvious terms it’s opinionated conclusions play an important role for considerations to meet the supply of food market of world. [Read more…]