The Ayurvedic aspect of Dairy Products

The dairy products such as the milk, egg and yogurt possess the attribute of being building in the nature and thus take more energy in the digestion of the food. This article is penned down to make the readers acquaint with some of the intriguing recipes for dairy products which are lighter as well as easier in terms of preparation. Have a look: [Read more…]

A special insight to Yogurt

Yogurt is indeed a useful and fascinating food item. The people around the world have discovered that yogurt has a calming effect on the digestive tract of the individuals. It is even capable of giving relief in cases of the diarrhea and also helps ease out a constipated system. The act of adding the warm spices namely ginger and pepper surely assist in that action. The regular use of the yogurt aids in relieving the long term bloating and even restoring the healthy balance of the bacteria in the body. This usually has a cooling action at the start. However, this action provides warmth to the body on a long term horizon. The tastes as well as the qualities are astringent, heavy, moist and sour. [Read more…]

The Right Way to Cook Ayurvedically

Cooking is considered to be a healing and a sacred act, as through it plays a key role in the nourishment of yourself and the people around you. To cook the food in the Ayurvedic manner, there isn’t a complicated process; all you require is a clean space and the required equipment. The below mentioned pointers will provide the details about the requirements. Have a look: [Read more…]

Keys to Easy Digestion- Proper Cooking and Taste

Digestion is described as the process through which the food coming from the external environment is broken with the intention of integrating it with the inner environment. The process by which the digested elements get integrated with the cells is referred to as absorption. The process through which the unneeded elements are removed is termed as the process of elimination. The level of wellness and nourishment felt by an individual significantly, depends upon the balance struck between the three processes. Read through this article and get acquainted with a number of yet unexplored facts about digestion. [Read more…]

How to relate the chakras with dietary changes?

The chakras have been celebrated as the energy centers for centuries. This article will provide the readers with the transformational oriented approach of the chakras. Each and every individual is equipped with the seven chakras, also called the seven non-physical centers of energy which are placed within the auric field. These energies are well expressed through the behavior, actions, words and thoughts of an individual. [Read more…]

The Truly Amazing Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

Ayurvedic massage is one of the oldest and highly evolved massage techniques.  Owing to its effectiveness and simplicity, massage has been incorporated into the ideal daily routine or Dinacharya in Ayurveda (routines followed every day to ensure optimum health). Ayurvedic massages are trending fast and getting widely popular across the globe. Although we are being introduced to massage  as merely a means for relaxation, de-stressing, occasional self-pampering or even a recreational therapy; there is a lot more to this versatile, intricate and one of the most effective Ayurvedic therapies! [Read more…]

Pre Pregnancy Care Through Ayurveda

‘Pregnancy should be by Choice, not by Chance’ – this statement holds true for having a healthy progeny and safe pregnancy. As the ultimate constitution of an individual is determined by the chromosomes of sperm and ovum destined to unite and form zygote from which organism develops, the health status of both the partners is very important for conception. [Read more…]

Ayurveda or Conventional Medicine?

In discussing the benefits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle and Ayurvedic treatment the question always arises, “Why Ayurveda and not a modern conventional treatment?” I believe that knowledge is power and that whatever we choose needs to be done so based on thoughtful consideration of all choices. Let’s compare the two in the areas of diagnoses, treatment and prevention. [Read more…]

Grounding the Vata for the Winter

According to Ayurvedic wisdom, every season has a doshic quality and right now we are fully engaged in the Vata season. It’s the season of dry, cold, windy weather. It’s the season of cracked lips and chapstick. It’s the season of bundling up in warm socks and sweaters. When we are practicing Ayurveda and living an Ayurvedic lifestyle, it’s important to take the season and the qualities of the season into account so that we can begin to balance and harmonize ourselves by making the necessary diet and lifestyle changes. Even if our normal constitution is not a Vata type, our Vata can become imbalanced during this season. Now is not the time for the raw salads and cold drinks we may enjoy in the summer. [Read more…]

Ayurveda and Milk during Pregnancy

As a complete food – easily given, readily digested and absorbed,  milk has long been considered nearly ideal source of nutrients for pregnant woman. In all the Ayurvedic  texts, fluids especially milk is indicated during first three months of pregnancy. In ‘Shatpath Brahmana’ milk has been considered as the main food of human beings. [Read more…]