Bitter Gourd

The bitter melon which is additionally called bitter gourd has an appearance of a cucumber but has unattractive gourd-like bulges all over it.

As its name suggests, this vegetable’s a melon which is sour.  There’re a couple of sorts of this vegetable.  One develops to a height of approximately 20 cm, has an oblong shape and has a pale green color.  The second one is sized smaller of the two, grows to a height of less than 10 cm, is oval shaped and is colored darker green.

Both of them consist of seeds which are white at the time they’re immature that become red on ripening.  As it grows ripe the vegetable-fruit becomes reddish-orange and grows bitter still.

Bitter gourd flourishes in warm and moist weathers, and so is common to find in the Asian nations and in South America.

As Westerners might not be as much habituated to bitter melons, they might find them harder to eat.

Buying tips
Opt for undeveloped bitter melons which are stiff, as you would be doing in the event of a cucumber.  Keep away from the ones having become orange or having soft spots.  Mature bitter melons are able to be extremely bitter.

Culinary Usage
You should rinse out your bitter melon beneath cold water which is running and brush by means of a supple vegetable brush.  To make it, cut out the melon along the length and scrape away its seeds from it.  To lower the sour flavor, immerse it inside salty water for a period of approximately thirty minutes prior to juicing/cooking.

Keep in mind that it’s lesser sized variety is additionally bitter to the larger one.  To assist in to turn the juice of bitter gourd into something tastier, consume it in the company of honey, or put in carrot/ apple juice to it.  People who are diabetics ought to drink its juice in the company of green apple juice.

You ought to store bitter melons inside the vegetable bin and keep refrigerated at the correct temperature to be able to preserve it for three to four days.

If you keep bitter melons at room temperature or in the company of additional fruits as well as vegetables the melon is going to ripen and turn bitterer more fast, because of the ethylene gas being emitted.

Medicinal values
The Bitter Gourd is in reality a bitter bonus that is in a camouflage, a tonic, a great metabolic controller and a good resource for potassium.

There are very few additional fruits/vegetables that provide medicinal properties for the ailments given below as bitter melon does.

Blood disorders: Bitter gourd juice is extremely useful in the treatment of blood disorders such as blood boils as well as scratching coming about from toxemia.  Mix up a couple of ounces of new bitter gourd juice with a small amount of lime juice.  Sip it bit by bit while having an empty stomach every day for a duration of four to six months and observe your condition improving.

Cholera:  In the premature phase of cholera, consume a couple of teaspoonfuls of the juice got from bitter gourd leaves. Mix it up with a couple of teaspoonfuls of the juice of white onion and a teaspoonful of lime juice.  Sip this mixture each day till you recover

Diabetes mellitus:  Included in Bitter melon is a hypoglycemic compound which is of a great advantageous in bringing down sugar levels inside blood and urine.  The juice of Bitter melon is verified in considerably improving glucose tolerance while not adding to the blood insulin levels.

Energy:  Regular intake of the juice of bitter gourd juice is proven to develop energy level. It has also been verified in improving/stabilizing sleeping patterns.

Eye troubles:  The high amount of beta-carotene and additional characteristics of bitter gourd turn it into among the best vegetable-fruit which aid in improving eye problems and bettering eyesight.

Hangover: the juice of Bitter melon might be of assistance in treating a hangover because of the alcohol intoxication properties that it has.  It additionally aid to rinse out and revamp and nurture liver problems brought about by the consumption of alcohol.

Immune booster:  This sour juice can aid in building the immune system and add to the body’s resistance to infection.

Piles:  Mix up three teaspoonfuls of juice of the leaves of bitter melon with one glass of buttermilk. Consume this each morning while having an empty stomach for a period of about one month to observe your condition improving.  The healing process may be hastened by using the paste from grounding the roots of bitter melon plant and applying on top of the piles.

Psoriasis:  Regular intake of this sour juice is also recognized to recover psoriasis condition and additional fungal infections such as ring-worm as well as athletes feet.

Respiratory disorders:  Take a couple of ounces of brand new bitter melon juice and combine with one cup of honey that has been watered down.  Drink every day to recover from bronchitis, asthma, and pharyngitis.

Toxemia:  Bitter gourd includes helpful properties which rinse out the blood of toxins.  Sip a couple of teaspoonfuls of this juice every day to facilitate rinsing out the liver.  It is also useful in getting rid of jaundice for the identical reasons.

Where to buy the vegetable in US
California as well as Florida is the major manufacturers of bitter melon in USA.

Substantial amount of bitter melon is brought in from Dominican Republic, Mexico and Honduras.

Nutritional and Dietary information
Bitter gourds have extremely low amount of calories but have a lot of valuable nutrients.  It’s a first-rate resource for vitamins B1, B2, and B3, C, folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, and include high nutritional fiber.  It’s loaded with iron, has double the amount of beta-carotene to broccoli, double the amount of calcium to spinach, and double the amount of potassium to Banana.

Bitter melon includes a distinctive phyto-constituent verified of bringing about a hypoglycemic result known as charantin.  It also has one more insulin-like constituent called polypeptide P that is being advised as an insulin replacement in a number of diabetic patients.

You have learned in this article about bitter melon and the way that it is beneficial and functional in the treatment of various diseases which include being an all-natural cure for diabetes. If you are even now a little doubtful about this entire bitter melon issue you don’t need to worry as you are still able to make certain that your diabetes is cared for. Diamaxol is a secure, efficient, and innate product to aid in managing your diabetes!

Nutrition Facts
Servings Size 93gm
Calories from Fat 1
Calories 16
Potassium 8%
Total Carbohydrate 1%
Dietary Fiber 10%
Protein 2%
Vitamin A 9%
Vitamin C 130%
Calcium 2%
Iron 2%
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because it has not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.


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