Backpack Indian Travel: Summer Destinations and Cultural Tourist Attraction

India is a land of many attractions. Unfortunately, India is a relatively hot country. Many popular cities in India are extremely hot during the summer. The top cities such as New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Mumbai are extremely hot. It becomes unbearable as many place such as lounges; restaurants are not properly air conditioned. However there are some places in India that are suitable for tourism in the summers. These places are perfect summer destination for that energetic backpacker. Some of these places are also important for cultural reasons.

Mysore palace
View of Mysore palace, photo from Flickr.

It is advisable to carry your passport everywhere within India. However, it advised to be exercise due care and caution of your documents and belongings. One of the best places to visit in India for escaping the heat is Bangalore. Though Bangalore is not a very cold place, the average summer is pleasant in Bangalore. There are wide ranges of accommodation facilities in Bangalore. These facilities may fit a shoe-string budget as well as an extravagant one. Scan the popular offerings on Portals like AirBnB, Snap Deal for good deals and offers. Bangalore has some attractions like Wonderla (Theme Park), Innovative Film City, Planetarium etc. Places like UB City, MG Road, and Commercial Street are ideal for shopping in relatively less hot evenings.

There are many places of cultural interests in and around Bangalore. Mysore is a popular city which is ideal for a backpacker. The main attractions in Mysore are the Palace, Art Gallery and St Philomena’s Church. The Palace is an exquisite building belonging to the erstwhile Maharaja of the Kingdom of Mysore. Another popular palace which has been converted into an art gallery is the Jaganmohana Palace. Lalit Mahal is a palace which has been converted into a hotel. The Brindavan Gardens and the adjoining KrishnaSagar dam could be good places to visit in Mysore. Places of cultural interest near Mysore are Somnathpura and Talakad. There are some little known places such as Gopalaswamy Betta, Biligiri Ranga Hills in the vicinity of Mysore, which may be of interest to the tourist.

Another great place to visit near Mysore is the hill station of Ooty. Ooty was significant during the colonial times. The soldiers after an intense war used to rest in Ooty and Bangalore to recover and rejuvenate them. The pleasant weather in these places made them ideal places for recovery. Ooty is a hilly region with ample eucalyptus trees. Popular places to visit in Ooty are the Botanical Gardens, Gardens, Stone House, and Black Thunder etc. The gardens in Ooty could be a great place to wind up and escape the heat. The Mudumulai National Park is also quite near to Ooty.

Apart from the above places mentioned which are in the Southern part of India; there are numerous hill stations in the Northern part of India. Popular hill stations are Dehradun, Mussorie, Dalhousie, Kulu Manali etc. It may be ideal to visit these places to beat the summer heat. It is always advisable to carry your passport wherever you go. You can also take a photocopy of your documents and carry with you.

Author: Ashley Louis


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