Ayurvedic Massage- Purpose and Techniques as in Vedas

Indian Ayurvedic massage has been in use for thousands of years just like the Ayurveda itself. It is a common way of the Indians to have a weekly massage for the purpose of getting relaxation and mental felicity. The role of Ayurveda has been great in the lives of the Indians and you may find even the poorest Indians with the freshness of mind; this Ayurvedic massage is one of the reasons of this bliss. Indian history is full of the mental relieving things and Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, tridoshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha), the Ayurvedic herbal drugs and so on play a vital role in this regard.

Purposes of Abhyangam
Ayurveda has a definite purpose of giving relaxation to the human bodies. If your mind is full of tensions and stresses and you don’t know what to do in this particular situation, just come to a massage center, the experts will use nutrient-rich oils for the purpose and will give a holistic massage to your body. The benefits of this massage will appear to you only at the end of the activity. You entered the massage center with your head full of stresses and strains while you leave the place with your mind as light as a feather flying in the air not to mention the other advantages that come to your skin, joints and other body parts as by products.

The oil used in the Ayurvedic massage includes sesame oil, turmeric oil, almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil and so on. Sometimes high quality nutrients are also mixed in these oils so that to make them nutrient rich and to give your body such a relaxation that was never known to it. This wholesome oil massaged on your body parts will benefit your entire body parts and organs.

Applications of Massage -the prakriya
The massage may be applied to all the body parts without any discrimination. The hands, legs, face, head, eyes, ears, neck, chest, back, hips, legs, feet, etc all get massage so that to provide you with holistic health which is the characteristic of the Ayurvedic treatment. All the body parts get relaxed and the therapist goes individually to all of them ‘talks’ to them in his special Ayurvedic language and they are pacified. Such a holistic massage will bring you a bliss that knows no bounds and you are greatly relieved just like a person who has taken a dose of drug or opium to pacify his mind.

The massage is meant to make you tackle the day to day hectic activities of the world. You get more used to it when you have used it for more than once. Many mental clichés are resolved when you have a free mind and the children become more obedient after having a massage, youth becomes even more vigilant to their responsibilities, the parents feel more inclined to their responsibilities, and the elderly people get more power and flexible bodies through it and so on. The advantages of this activity are countless and may not be written down.

The Ayurvedic treatment may be taken from a host of places and the art may be learned from Ayurvedic training centers scattered in the whole of India. People around the globe are also getting awareness about it and the technique is leading the people to real blissful minds so they are turning their heads towards it. Ayurveda has multiple ways of curing people of their diseases. Ayurveda hospitals, Ayurveda training center, Ayurvedic massage centers, special massage oils and many other things are prevalent among the Indians for this purpose. You may turn to one of these resorts to get perfect happiness.

Classic Techniques
The Ayurvedic massage techniques are specific to its experts, doctors and the practitioners. Oils play a pivotal role in the whole scene. The object of all the practitioners is the same, that is to provide mental felicity to the subject, but the ways used may differ from one another. The techniques may include different pressure points with different practitioners. One practitioner may be more expert in massaging the joints than the other who may be expert in curing your tonsils and so on. Massaging relieves the muscles, joints, body pains, stressful body parts and so on. The only thing that you have to do in this regard is that the Ayurvedic practitioner must remain vigilant about the main disturbance of the subject and must try to give him immediate relief in that area.

Some Ayurvedic exerts let their subjects sit down on a mat with crossed legs and they start massaging their body parts while the others may ask them to lie down on a special mat with your face up or down and the therapist does his work. This treatment requires a great skill and a layman may not bring those results even after hours of massaging that an expert may bring. So, the best thing would be to go to those experts who have a vast experience in this field and whose application is going to help you greatly in this respect.

Ayurvedic massage relives you in the diseases like arthritis, muscular pains, muscle knots, muscle spasm, bone alignments, skin problem, wrinkles, joint pains, joint movements, blood pressure control, digestive tract relief, respiratory tract problems, and body immunity problems and so on. The idea is to give you holistic health so that the ailments never come near your body and you continue living a normal life.

The anti aging hormones, anti aging smoothies, anti aging medicines and therapies have not a greater effect than this treatment. It is the only one that has no parallel in the history. Millions have benefited from it and billions are coming to it. It is such a reliever that has always worked and, that too, without any side effects. The treatment is not particular to the Indian people only and the people, world over, may get advantages from it. Ayurvedic massaging is common to everybody and not particular to anyone. The techniques for this treatment are so simple that a layman may also use them without any difficulty.

Author: Dr Maulik Vyas

I am a holistic Doctor with 10 yr of experience in medical/health and wellness industry. Also, I am a professional content writer with 1000s of articles published across the web. I'm available for content writing, natural treatment consultancy, business ideas about healthcare/wellness industry. I am the proprietor of company named Mouls Incorporation.


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