Ayurvedic Body Constitution -Pitta

The human body is made up of mainly three doshas –vata, pitta and kapha. Depending upon the dosha dominance during the sperm-ovum meet (the ovulation and fertilization), the prakriti or constitution of the newborn is decided. Ayurveda believes that the constitution that is gained in the mother’s womb remains with that human life forever.

There are three main constitutional human bodies, according to Ayurveda namely Vata constitution, Pitta constitution and Kapha constitution. Let us learn some qualities and information about Pitta constitution…

The dosha of pitta is made up of fire and water and it is for this reason it is mainly concerned with heat and digestion in the human body. The person with pitta constitution will predominantly give the sign of youthfulness and zeal. The pitta doshas symbolizes the youth in Ayurveda. Needless to say, this dosha is therefore associated with anger, enthusiasm and aggression.

The qualities we find in pitta dosha constitutional human body according to Ayurvedic scholars and gurus are mentioned below…

The person with pitta dosha constitution is very intelligent
Pitta dosha constitution is known for having strong physical power and dedication
The pitta dosha constitution person is brave and dare to do anything
They have strong memory and recollecting intellectual
Pitta dosha constitution person thinks very logical and have multiple solutions for every problem
Pitta dosha symbolizes the digestive fire, the agni and hence, the person with this constitution will digest food faster. He or she becomes hungry again
The body of pitta dosha dominant body or pitta constitution will be hot and they like cold things
They love to be in cool environment and are fond of hill stations as compared to seashore

The constitution of pitta or prakriti makes a person enthusiast about learning newer things. They are quick learners and can remember things well. They love to eat and also to compete. They are aggressive and hence jealous too.

Pitta constitution individuals prefer to be on top position and hence compete with all. It is for this reason they seek perfection in everything they do. The aim of being perfectionist can sometime affects their personality and they become peevish at times.

Pitta dosha constitution human body is warm to touch. They are passionate about what they like and who they love. The rapid heartbeat and strong digestion is quite commonly seen in body with pitta dosha dominance. Pitte constitution person’s eye sight, as compared to other dominant doshas, is sharp.

Individuals with pitta dominance or constitution are more prone to have diseases related to digestion. Abdominal discomfort, hyper acidity, headache, migraine, acne or pimples, blemishes, skin rashes and diarrhea is what they are commonly suffering from.

It is important for pitta constitution individual to remain calm and peaceful. Also, the food they should avoid includes oily, spicy and too sour tasting. They must practice pranayama and yogasanas to remain healthier and stable.

Author: Dr Maulik Vyas

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