Ayurveda’s Take on Diet and Food

The optimum level of health, according to Ayurveda, is having good appetite without any fatigue. The person, who always consumes wholesome food, relishes healthy lifestyle keeps himself or herself away from the objects of the senses and has nature of pardoning, giving, speaking the truth, and tendency to serve others remains disease free.

Ayurveda believes in the homeostasis that includes best health of body, mind and also the spirit. Said this, it includes social, mental, physical, and emotional health. Keeping healthy dietary habit makes an individual sharp in memory, good in humor and has nimble wits and actions. Good food makes the person honest, loving, grateful and humble as believed by Ayurvedic sages.

Ayurveda says that the spiritual health lies in one’s capability to have harmonious relationship with external universe. The mental health is thus highly influenced by the universe and the elements around. Furthermore, the holistic approach of Ayurveda says that every person is the guardian and custodian of the cosmos because of what the survival of individual will depend on not altering and fragile equilibrium of the nature and living beings (1). Ayurvedic advice about this indirectly says that if we cut the trees for some purpose, plant another; if we pollute the nature, make arrangement to purify too.

Eating is mandatory but then Ayurveda believes in what to eat to enjoy spiritual rewards and to remain alive and kicking. Healthy food keeps the body and mind in harmony because the food an individual consumes becomes his or her appearance, the mode of expressing the thoughts and ideas. Food, according to Ayurveda, has essential influence on individual’s state of happiness.

Today, there are many factors that affect the choice of individual’s food. From mood to convenience and availability to time; there are various agendas we react about eating accordingly. The result of this is compromise with the quality, quantity and potency of the food. The dangers of chemically overloaded, preservatives’ laden and impurity full food are well known as they can bring a lot of health ailments over the time if not sudden.

The refined food (sugar or flour), starches and additives stimulate the false appetite and that in turn results in eating more than required. High calories food just put the extra pounds to the body supplying no energy, the major cause for the childhood obesity in Western Countries. Listening to the body’s actual demand, recognizing the damage due to unnatural food and understanding the proper quantity required for optimum metabolism will help an individual to stay healthier than ever before.

The food according to Ayurveda has to have enough nutrition to nurture every tissue that in turn keeps the human away from cardiovascular ailments, cancerous growths, degenerative changes and various other health problems faced on day to day basis. The thing to be noted here is malfunctioning of the digestive organs (stomach, duodenum and intestines) is the first sign of almost all the diseases known to the mankind as believed by Ayurvedic scholars.

1. Ayurveda Ithihas -Chaukhambha Sanskrit Bhavan

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