Ayurvedic Treatment of the Nadis

The nadis are defined as subtle pathways, they are the way in which prana travels through the body delivering the life force and energy and health to every cell. The system of nadis is unimaginably vast. It is said to be made up of an estimated 72,000 channels. Imagine the channels that surround us in our world: the channels created by rivers, the channels of cracks in the earth, paths in the woods, energy in outer space. The nadis within our bodies are similar to this. They are energy channels. Conduits. Pathways for the life force which sustains us. [Read more…]

Balancing our Lives with the Koshas

According to Ayurvedic wisdom, the body is made up of many subtle layers called koshas in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the ancient language of India and is also known as the sacred language. These sheaths are layers of the body that when functioning at a healthy level work to keep our physical vessel and our mental condition in optimal health. [Read more…]

Ayurveda or Conventional Medicine?

In discussing the benefits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle and Ayurvedic treatment the question always arises, “Why Ayurveda and not a modern conventional treatment?” I believe that knowledge is power and that whatever we choose needs to be done so based on thoughtful consideration of all choices. Let’s compare the two in the areas of diagnoses, treatment and prevention. [Read more…]

Increasing Prana through Pranic Absorption Sites

When we think of prana we usually think “breath” especially when associated with pranayama which is typically defined as “breathing excersices.” But prana is much more than breath alone. Prana is life force, it is energy, it is the organized intelligence that keeps the unconscious systems of our body working without our assistance. Prana affects the mind as well. When we leave our prana in an unconscious state, it becomes the ego, but when we work to awaken our prana we are able to transcend the ego and the mind and begin to evolve spiritually. The essence of all true healing is found within the power of the prana, in increasing the prana-the life energy. [Read more…]

The Sattvic Mind An Ayurvedic Perspective

We all know that food is meant to provide our bodies with nutrition and sustenance, to give us energy and warmth and life. But how do our food choices affect our minds? Food can be divided into two categories: the real food we eat on a physical level, and the food we consume through impressions, such as that we ingest through books, television and music. Both types of food must be digested and assimilated and can have a profound effect on our thinking and behavior. [Read more…]

Grounding the Vata for the Winter

According to Ayurvedic wisdom, every season has a doshic quality and right now we are fully engaged in the Vata season. It’s the season of dry, cold, windy weather. It’s the season of cracked lips and chapstick. It’s the season of bundling up in warm socks and sweaters. When we are practicing Ayurveda and living an Ayurvedic lifestyle, it’s important to take the season and the qualities of the season into account so that we can begin to balance and harmonize ourselves by making the necessary diet and lifestyle changes. Even if our normal constitution is not a Vata type, our Vata can become imbalanced during this season. Now is not the time for the raw salads and cold drinks we may enjoy in the summer. [Read more…]