Nadi Shastra in Siddha Medicine

Siddha medicine is one of ancient and spiritually enriched traditional medicine systems. Through their well-researched and technically advanced medicine formulations, methods of treatment and alchemy the Siddhars, thousands of years ago devised a system which is effective till date. The Siddha system aims at not only treatment of the disease through therapy but also healing of the mind and instilling spirituality in the physical being. [Read more…]

Siddha medicine of the “Tamils”

Siddha medicine can very well be called a medicine that is “eternally perfect.” Siddha medicine system is oldest medicine system in India which developed in and is widely practiced in South India especially Tamilnadu. [Read more…]

Kayakalpam: Live long naturally!

(Top 10 herbs for a long life-II)

In continuation of our list of the top 10 herbs for long life, here is the next five of the series. [Read more…]

Kayakalpam: Live long naturally!

(Top 10 herbs for a long life-I)

Siddha system is not just a medical science but a way of life which has brought unity, peace and harmony on earth. It originates from the Saivite philosophy and is the oldest medicine system prevalent in India. Out of the five branches in which Siddha System of Medicine claims to have expertise in, Kayakalpam is the most sought after. [Read more…]

Saivism and Siddha

Siddha traditional medicine system which has a Dravidian origin basically incorporates three healing therapies in its holistic Siddha therapy: [Read more…]

Floral white-work of India: Chikankari

The beautiful “white on white” hand embroidery is a handicraft hailing from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. There is a long line of chikankari exponents who are promoting the craftsmanship. Entire families are involved in the chikankari work and the skill is delineated from father to daughter and previous generations to the upcoming ones. The girls and the boys in the chikankari families start embroidery as early as 11 years of age and by the time they reach adulthood their skill set is also promoted from creating ‘kurtas’, ‘topis’ and ‘angarkhas’ to Saris, fabrics for churidars and the latest in fashion! [Read more…]

Take a Trip to Valley of Springs – Kokernag

The valley of Kashmir has several popular tourist destinations; Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam, Srinagar; but the southern part of Kashmir has many untouched and unsung locales which may not be as popular a tourist destination but are unmatched and unparalleled in their beauty. Inclusive of historical remnants, fresh water springs, trout farms (a chance to taste an exotic delicacy!), thick evergreen forests, beautifully designed gardens and an enthralling view of the snow clad mountain ranges; South Kashmir offers a scenic beauty to satisfy every palate. A few places that are worth mentioning here are; Kokernag, Verinag, Martand sun temple, Daksum, Sinthan pass. [Read more…]

The Taj Mahal – Through the Eyes of an Architect

Ustad Ahmad Lahauri, the man behind the architecture of TAJ MAHAL had never thought that what he designed as a mausoleum would turn out to be an architectural gem and among wonders of the world! [Read more…]

A musical sojourn: Rabindra Sangeet

Rabindra Sangeet is a classic manifestation of a breathtaking fusion of Rabindranath Thakur’s poetic elegance and soulful music. Quite literally, Rabindra Sangeet is the songs written and music composed by Rabindranath Tagore. [Read more…]

Poetry on wood: The art of wood carving in Kashmir

The sheer ingenuity of the Kashmiri Naqash (Craftsmen) in the many examples of his art comprising of wooden furniture, jewelry boxes, wooden utensils, the wall panels, photo frames, cigar cases are mesmerizing at the first sight and take you in their awe for a long time. The handicraft of exquisitely made wooden artifacts is representative of Kashmiri tradition and goes back to third or fourth century in the architectural remains found in Kashmir Punjab. [Read more…]