With the Clouds in Kodaikanal Hills

During my recent trip to Chennai, India, I had the opportunity to escape the Chennai’s merciless heat to travel to Kodaikanal Hills. Though I have been to Kodaikanal couple of times before, I didn’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the Kodai again, popularly knows as “Princess of Hill”. [Read more…]

Food & Culinary Tradition in India

Broadly, food in India can be divided into five regions: North, Central, South, East, and West. Though India is the home of numerous religions, the two major religions, Hinduism and Islam, contributed to the current food tradition in India. [Read more…]

Exploring Indian Artifacts in the Chennai Museum

Though I was born and brought up in Chennai, India, never did I visit the Chennai Museum. Presumably it was all too dry for me to digest at such a young age. ¬†However, once I had relocated 8000 miles away in America I had rekindled an interest in my Indian heritage- and by extension, the Chennai Musuem. However, it was now conveniently located on the other side of the globe. I resolved to amble over there during my next trip to India.¬† [Read more…]