Udaipur travel guide

Rajasthan means the land of Kings and I had always envisioned it as a land of bright colors and happiness. I, hence, had harbored a desire to tour the length and breadth of the wonderful Indian state. Finally, I did it a couple of months back – a road trip of Rajasthan. [Read more…]

Exploring Local Market in Jodhpur

Local markets in all tourist hotspots of Rajasthan offer attractive options of colorful traditional Rajasthani clothing and shoes. I am not talking about the so called Government recognized handloom shops, which the cab driver or rickshaw puller will take you to for his commission. Those shops are generally expensive. [Read more…]

Curse that buried a city

When four of us, a group of friends who always love to explore the heritage sites of India, landed at Mysore last month, our intention was just to do a heritage tour as usual. After visiting Mysore Palace – the pride of India and Somnathpur temple – the 13th century architectural marvel of Hoysala kings, we thought of returning back. But a question from our cab driver made us change our minds. [Read more…]

Diwali Sweets

Diwali, or the festival of lights, is one of the most important holidays celebrated in India. The day of Diwali is usually a raucous celebration where people launch fireworks,exchange gifts, and meet with their friends and relatives. [Read more…]

Tribal Dance & Music in Chhattisgarh

During my two day stay at Chhattisgarh tribal villages, I happened see exhilarating tribal dance and music. Both tribal men and women stand around in a circle and they dance and sing together. [Read more…]

Amazing Facts About India’s Oldest Tribal Life

In India, Chhattisgarh is a popular destination for tourists to see the lifestyle and culture of various tribes that go back several thousand years without much change. During my two day stay, I was mesmerized and amazed by learning about some of India’s oldest tribes like Bison Horn Maria, Baiga, Korba, Halbaa, Bhatra and Dhurvaa. [Read more…]

Black Gram-Urad Dal

The black gram Indian pulse (Phaseolus mungo Roxb.), also known as Vigna mungo, black lentil (not to be confused with Lens culinaris), white lentil (some variants), đậu đen (the Vietnamese word for “black bean”), maas (Nepali), black matpe bean, urid, urd, urd bean, udad dal, urad dal, or Urad, is a seed that’s cultivated in Southern Asia. It’s mainly utilized in making dal from split or whole dehusked beans. The black gram, along with the mung bean, was put in Phaseolus but has since been delivered to Vigna. At one point of its existence, it was considered to be the same species as the mung bean. [Read more…]

Green Cardamom

Cardamom is known as Queen of Spices and is the third most expensive among all spices. It is dried unripe fruit of the plant of ginger family. Little pods of green cardamom have a refreshing flavor and alluring green color. Protected inside the pod are small, black seeds. Each pod contains about 15-20 seeds enclosed in three compartments.
These seeds contain the essential oils which impart the unique flavor of the spice. The different essential oils found in cardamom seeds are : a-terpineol 45%, myrcene 27%, limonene 8%, menthone 6%, ß-phellandrene 3%, 1,8-cineol 2%, sabinene 2% and heptane 2%.It is a household commodity in Indian families and popular for its health benefits and flavor. [Read more…]


Cinnamon is an important tree spice grown in different parts of India. The spice consists of dried pieces of the inner bark of the branches of the tree of Lauraceae family. The Botanical name of Cinnamon is Cinnamomum zeylanicun Blume. Harvest Season of Cinnamon is from June to December. Cinnamon bark primarily is one of the most popular spices in use in every home. It has a delicate aroma and a warm taste. It is extensively used as a spice or condiment in the form of small pieces or powder. [Read more…]

Dried red Chili pepper

Dried red Chili peppers are widely used in Indian cooking, it is used either as a whole, crushed or in powdered form. Sun dried red chilies vary from red to blackish brown in color. Red chilies comes in many varieties, shapes, and color. The intensity of the heat comes from the interior veins or ribs near the seeds. [Read more…]