Baul – The musical wanderers of Bengal

All these hectic schedules, the rules of punctuality, immense zeal to win, altogether a materialistic constitution designed just to live a life that precisely has no punctuality of death and birth but obviously it consists of the greatest truth and its certainty that is impossible to debate. For a while these will be your thoughts, where you will be completely oblivious of you in “you”, and your own life will seem like a drama well characterized by the faces that surrounds you, after you meet the Baul of Bengal who’ll drown you in their melancholy music of Ektara (A one-string musical instrument that is made out of carved epicarp of gourd) paired with their lyrics that’ll enchant your soul and hypnotize separating it from this materialistic world to a world of love and humanity. [Read more…]

Totos – A disappearing tribe in India

It’s the difference and the diversity of all the people in the world that gives them a distinct identity that further helps them to drive the saga of their unique self respect. The mere existence of these identities further name the places, culture and traditions that together makes this world. [Read more…]

The divine myths of Indian Tribes

The diversity in the religions is like the different colors of the world that create respectful difference among each other for different communities. It also indirectly builds an identity that defines the role of distinguished uniqueness. [Read more…]

Forest villages of India and their role in ecology

Boasting to be a vigorous environmentalist, the world has created an image of human being as a prime factor responsible for the exploitation of nature. Every day a new regulatory approach is added for its implementation as a new policy to save the destruction of nature. Therefore considering all these facts India obviously has its prime position in the agenda because of its rich biodiversity. The most important part to be revealed about India is its diverse climatic zones that precisely shrink the whole world in it. If it’s centre enjoys the coastal climatic zone of a peninsula then in the north It has the vast and fertile plains shadowed and blessed by the river of The almighty Himalayas. If we move west then we have the Thar desert with its burning temperature and in contrary to this we also have the cold desert as Leh and Ladakh. We are also blessed with one of the most extinct vegetation called the mangroves as Sunderban. Altogether, India can be considered as the most suitable model for measuring the success of every new concept for saving the environment. [Read more…]

Rhododendron Trek – Paradise in North Bengal

The door step begins with the artistically shaped tea gardens of Terai, and then gradually you feel the breeze getting cooler as your wheels demand the shift of gears to number one and two, and it continues till you reach the foggy land of Lava. If you consider Darjeeling as one of the most beautifully located town India, then in terms of its green beauty, a name that can never be missed for its red lusciousness of Rhododendron flowers is Rachela- The Rhododendron Paradise of north Bengal. The spot is crowned as the highest altitude jungle of one of the pristine heritage forest of India- Neora Valley National Park. In order to save its untouched beauty, the place can only be reached by a determined trekker as no road ways are available. The base camp can be chosen either at lava or at  Samsing which is the only other entrance point to Neora Valley National Park. [Read more…]

Tontongay – The singing stone trek from Samsing

Samsing in North Bengal is often considered as a best spot for rehabilitation from all the urbanized addictions that gradually make you feel like you’re living a robotic life, all based on the feed memories and stringently set parameters. You can neither cross it nor lag behind. So a glimpsed stay at Samsing can be treated as a prescribed medication of Dr Nature to heal your state of mind and again gain the momentum, in the same way. Apart from your mere stay in the luxurious wooden rooms of Samsing, it also has a space for more intense enthusiasts who want to explore the depths of the mesmerizing beauty of nature. [Read more…]

Aadma – Cultural heritage of North Bengal

North Bengal is often called the chicken neck because of the international territories it shares.  Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh the examples. Therefore the region has an intense influence of diverse culture and traditions. When it comes to proclaim the green ornaments of India, North Bengal axiomatically stands among the top contributors because of its undisturbed natural beauty. Apart from its natural beauty the region also heaves the diversity in its climatic zones and lifestyle of people. Therefore after covering just few miles you can have the effect of a totally different world with different faces of people. [Read more…]

Kolakham – A concealed abode of Himalayan chastity

Amidst the foggy slopes of Lava-Loleygaon, the cozy bed of Neora Valley National Park in North Bengal, an unexplored beauty lies concealed with its vivacious natural boon that is named as KOLAKHAM. My two days were the twenty years of my life since I have mustered my healing memories. Among all those glimpses that inspire me to believe the proclamation of many unexplored places of north Bengal that together ornate the beauty of Himalayan foothills, Kolakham will axiomatically be towering the names in the list. [Read more…]

Himalayas-The butterfly’s paradise of India

Nature has blessed us with many wonderful creatures, the beauty of which can never be matched with the artificial beauty mankind have created. The most wonderful creatures that hypnotizes every one with its unique patterns of colors are the butterflies. The foothills of Himalayas are abundantly blessed with diverse species of these colorful flying creatures. [Read more…]

Organic livelihood in Indian villages

Today the whole world is conducting awareness sessions for banning the culture of insecticides and pesticides. The composition of such chemicals have reached a point now that can even cause harm to human beings. India is a country renowned for its agricultural richness, so in obvious terms it’s opinionated conclusions play an important role for considerations to meet the supply of food market of world. [Read more…]