Alibag-Tranquil place for a quiet beach holiday near Mumbai

It is a small coastal town, dwarfed by its neighbor – the concrete jungle of Mumbai. Yet, Alibag manages to hold its own, with beaches, forts and temples, a wealth of history within a small area. Alibag has, for long, been the favorite destination for Mumbai-ites looking for a short break from their hectic lifestyles. It is, after all, easily accessible from the city – it is barely 30 Km by the sea, and plenty of ferries are available from the Gateway of India. It’s not too far by road either, for the 100 Km journey takes barely 2 hours to cover. I have always preferred the sea route however, enjoying the feel of the sea breeze in my hair, watching the view of the Mumbai skyline fading away, seeing ships from all over the world at the Mumbai harbor, and of course, the chance of spotting sea gulls or even dolphins! [Read more…]

Achalgarh: Not Just Another Temple

We smiled at the stories narrated to us about Achalgarh. The first one was about a bull that drove away an army; another about three demons that turned into buffaloes; a lake said to have been filled with clarified butter (ghee) for rituals and the last about the temple covered in lime to make it look unattractive. [Read more…]

God who loves bathing

At first, I thought they were part of the famous Shiva temple, collecting water from the nearby stream for daily prayers. [Read more…]