Aadma – Cultural heritage of North Bengal

North Bengal is often called the chicken neck because of the international territories it shares.  Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh the examples. Therefore the region has an intense influence of diverse culture and traditions. When it comes to proclaim the green ornaments of India, North Bengal axiomatically stands among the top contributors because of its undisturbed natural beauty. Apart from its natural beauty the region also heaves the diversity in its climatic zones and lifestyle of people. Therefore after covering just few miles you can have the effect of a totally different world with different faces of people.

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One of such community who accept the tough lifestyles of their remoteness are the Dukpa’s of Buxa Tiger Reserve in north Bengal. Their lifestyles perfectly prove a proverb that says, “Things never change, we change our way of looking things, that’s all”. The futile brawls regarding territories and boundaries of countries are just the dramatic implementation of man- made policies, it never can change the hearts of people. This will be perfectly experienced when one spends a night in Aadma, a remote villages in Buxa tiger reserve. As the regions shares its historical boundaries with Bhutan, the community of this place seem like they have recently known their nationality as Indian and not Bhutanese. A 4 hours trek from Raimatang forest village in Buxa Tiger Reserve will lead you to this beautiful village after crossing the reign of our national hero- Royal Bengal Tiger. The smiling wrinkled faces showing their rusty teeth due to their habit of incessantly chewing Doma Paan (Betel leaf and fermented betel nut) will herald your arrival with bowed heads making you feel like a discoverer. Their enchanting lays in the dizzy silhouette of sloping woods creates a perfect match and reveals their role in the beauty of nature. Their special tea which is called suzi in their language will certainly quench your appetite. It is a salty tea which they prepare in bamboo utensil putting the pure ghee. In your first instance it will moreover taste like a soup rather than tea.

The beautifully designed wooden houses and the double story casements allow you to feel the wind cascaded with the scent of jungle. The holistically decorated images of King and queen of Bhutan will sometime make you feel that your are in the land of Bhutan away from India, away from your home, away from the sonorous beeps of busy streets and altogether in a place that ultimately makes you feel like a stranger, an adventurer. Most of the people from the village still travel to Bhutan for their basic necessities and are still trying their best to believe in themselves that they are Indians. All the people including men and women live a nomadic life for six months when they graze their cattle in the jungle. This is the period when they keep on traveling in herds with families and cattle in search of cattle food. They return home only when the monsoon starts with their increased number of cattle and some times even their own family with new born babies. The houses in the village reveal that their economic condition was quiet good in their past time. Perhaps the houses were built in the period of orange cultivation when the whole village was engaged in orange cultivation in the forest land about which they were innocent. After few years of happy days the orange orchards were evicted and ceased by forest department following the rules of no- community rights in protected areas. Since then the economic condition of the village has bee ramped down. It’s  before recent years that the administrative departments have now been working to develop the economic condition of the village along with educational facilities and health facilities.

Above all such common reasons, the place still holds the smiling faces whose hospitality will merely make you oblivious of all the selfish urbanized world.  So if you have a heart of an explorer Aadma can be the best destination in your list.

Author: Babit


  1. Nice blog to read about Buxa Tiger Reserve, thnaks for sharing it with everyone

  2. Thanks..there are other places either like chunabhatti, rupam valley, lepchakha etc..


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