A Weekend with the setting sun – Diamond Harbor

Immensely popular as a weekend getaway and picnic spots near Kolkata, Diamond Harbor harbors a beautiful view of the Hooghly River and Bay of Bengal.

Diamond harbor
Diamond harbor is a photographer’s delight and the best place to be around while watching sunrise and sunset.

It marks the point where the Hooghly River meets the Bay of Bengal. Diamond harbor is a photographer’s delight and the best place to be around while watching sunrise and sunset. Located in the southern suburbs of Kolkata, on the banks of Hooghly River, diamond harbor is a popular picnic spot.

Historical background
It is said that Diamond Harbor used to be a stronghold of Portuguese pirates . Earlier known as Hajipur, this charming scenic spot was named Diamond Harbor by the British. It was the main port of the East India Company. The harbor was considered a safe resting spot for ocean bound large vessels and ships. The spectacular view of the river was an added benefit.

Major attractions
The best time to visit Diamond Harbor is November to January when the weather is pleasant and comfortable and temperature ranges between 12 to 27 degrees. 51 Km south of Kolkata, it is the point where the Hooghly river turns south and flows into open sea. The Rupnarayan River joins Hooghly, river bends south and widens out into a huge expanse of water which is joined by Haldi River, a little further down.
The main major attractions at the Diamond Harbor are:
1. Chingrikhali fort
2. Lighthouse
3. Sarisha Ramakrishna Mission

The remnants of the fort, built in the 16th century are quite notable. As per the locals the ruined fort was once inhabited by the Portuguese. The fort was built by the Portuguese or French and was mainly used as a warehouse to store merchandise before loading on the ships to Europe.

Second attraction is an old lighthouse which is again frequently clicked by the tourists.
Another highlight of Diamond Harbor is the Sarisha Ramakrishna Mission which can be visited for an insight into the Shree Ramakrishna Mission.

What to do?
Stay back for the weekend. There are a number of accommodation options available in Diamond Harbor including a popular tourist lodge on the riverside.

The best thing to do in Diamond Harbor is sitting by the riverside and watching the passing by boats. It is an admirable riverside to spend some time in solitude and serenity. Leisure walks along the riverside will rejuvenate you for the upcoming busy week.

Take a boat ride by locals to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy a panoramic view of the river life. A ferry ride to Haldia is also an interesting option.
Watching the sun setting down the horizon in the river creates a Kaleidoscope of images on the sky and water.

The perfect setting of Diamond Harbor set amidst the exquisite beauty of sky, land and water is not only mesmerizing but the music from the oars of boat splashing against the water creates a tranquil environment.

How to reach
Buses from Kolkata (Babu Ghat) are available every 30 minutes.

Sleeping and eating
Diamond Harbor tourist Center (Sagarika Tourist Lodge) is a good option with a few rooms overlooking the ocean.

Author: Pooja S. Banerjee

A pharmacist by profession,Pooja has research experience in the field of herbal medicine and medicinal chemistry. She has also authored many International and National research and review papers in peer reviewed journals. Her passion for writing has made her foray into the world of medical writing. She writes travel blogs for creative satisfaction.


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