A special insight to Yogurt

Yogurt is indeed a useful and fascinating food item. The people around the world have discovered that yogurt has a calming effect on the digestive tract of the individuals. It is even capable of giving relief in cases of the diarrhea and also helps ease out a constipated system. The act of adding the warm spices namely ginger and pepper surely assist in that action. The regular use of the yogurt aids in relieving the long term bloating and even restoring the healthy balance of the bacteria in the body. This usually has a cooling action at the start. However, this action provides warmth to the body on a long term horizon. The tastes as well as the qualities are astringent, heavy, moist and sour.

Yogurt has a calming effect on the digestive tract of the individuals. Image courtesy Flickr

The yogurt is particularly calming for the Vatas and is often used by them in a free manner as the main dish or the condiment. Pittas needs to take caution while preparing the yogurt, as for their constitution it is imperative to strike the necessary balance. If it is taken as straight and plain, it will become too sour or hot for the usual Pitta to handle. The yogurt if diluted with itself or diluted by adding the water and sweetened with the use of the maple syrup, fruit or the barley malt becomes way too good for the intense dosha, particularly in the case when the Pitta adds a little of the lemon juice, cinnamon or the coriander powder to the blended mixture.

yogurt maple syrup
Use of the maple syrup, fruit or the barley malt becomes way too good for the intense dosha. Image courtesy Flickr

The yogurt’s digestibility can be enhanced by adding a pinch of the turmeric to the mixture, particularly in the case of the Pitta constitution. For the Kapha constitution, the yogurt can be consumed in the well diluted form in the sauces, for instance, the curries offered or can also be sweetened with the aid of the honey in the form of a drink. The yogurt can be made absorbable for the Kapha by adding cinnamon, honey, black pepper, ginger and cardamom to the mixture. Honey is used for enhancing the astringent qualities present in the form of the yogurt, where as the spices present provides the characteristics of pungency to the yogurt. The yogurt as well as water is usually added to a lot of the Indian vegetables which are used as the side dishes for a prompt and a lucid meal which are served with the rice.

Yoghurt and Honey
Yoghurt and Honey. Image courtesy Flickr

The fresh yogurt can be prepared in a one or two day time. To prepare the yogurt, heat milk in a pan for the purpose of boiling and then take off the heat and let it cool down at the room temperature. Definitely a starter or innoculum of Lactobacillus  can help speed up the curdling process.

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  1. great write up on yogurt and how it can be consumed by different prakurti people…

  2. Interesting facts about Yogurt, thanks for sharing it with all of us

    • I would be posting a yogurt recipe really soon which would help you savor your taste buds and at the same time it will take the least possible time and help you in digestion and weight loss.
      So stay tuned for my next post!!

  3. informative for people with GERD too………….i am one of them thanks

  4. Karen Land says:

    Happy to read great things about Yogurt, I take it on regular basis.

    From Ayurveda point of view is there any difference between Yogurt and Curd prepared in Indian way?

    • Yogurt is very much different from curd. Yogurt is sheer fermentation of boiled milk with the inoculation of lactic acid bacteria, whereas curd is prepared by either adding lemon juice or vinegar to allow the milk to curdle or coagulate. So the preparation method for both is different.
      In curd, the liquid portion is generally not consumed, while in yogurt the liquid extract is also eaten along. I hope the concept of yogurt and curd must be much clear now and so the process of preparing them.

  5. Like that idea of having yogurt with honey. Must try it out and see.

  6. Shrishti says:

    Yogurt with honey, Interesting combination, liked the photos with the post.


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